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Wednesday 13 October 2004 2.26pm
I need home insurance
I rent, therefore dont need anything but contents insurance, and only need to up to 15K max
I have been getting quotes for Home insurance from major companies on the internet and they all seem very high(250-400 per annum)

Can anyone suggest a broker or company?
Wednesday 13 October 2004 3.14pm
co-op insurance....
Wednesday 13 October 2004 4.35pm
Try Liverpool and Victoria, they were the cheapest (and most friendly) I could find for SE1 area


you can do an online quote (takes 2 mins)
Thursday 14 October 2004 4.06pm
if you're renting, you can also try endsleigh, they do contents only for renters
Thursday 14 October 2004 5.53pm

i have used endsleigh and found them v. cheap - have never claimed (fingers crossed) so don't know if they are good in the eventuality...
Thursday 14 October 2004 8.44pm
I used to use Co-op Insurance as they were recommended to me by a friend who had been burgled three times. She chose them because after she'd been burgled, they gave her the cheapest quote. They were cheap, but when we were burgled, we found out that they would not pay out for anything that we could not prove beyond doubt we had owned - we had to produce receipts and boxes and credit card statements, etc, to proved what we owned. Of course, we couldn't prove we'd owned a fair amount of what had been burgled (CDs, etc - who keeps receipts for those?) so we didn't receive the full amount of our claim. Which, at the time, I thought was fair enough, and just cursed myself for not keeping better records (and for not bumping up my claim in the first place!)

However, I now know from other friends who have been burgled that the way we were treated by CIS was quite unusual, and that generally, you don't have to prove beyond doubt what you owned before they'll pay up (it does help, though, to keep a record of major purchases, and have photos of your belongings.).

So, the moral of the story it that it doesn't always pay to go for the cheapest quote, as they have to recoup their money somehow and do so by paying out as little as they can when you are burgled. I now have contents insurance through my bank. It is slightly more expensive than CIS or Endsleigh, but I figure that if I were to be burgled, they would treat my claim more fairly as it would be in their best interest not to rip me off.

(Of course, the other moral is to keep a nice file full of photos of everything you own, with receipts attached. But I haven't got round to doing that yet....)
Thursday 14 October 2004 10.28pm
I've got my car insured with CIS. They are so grossly much cheaper than any of the other options that I'm prepared to overlook the incompetent admin, eg. you have to ring up several times before they send you your documents. One year it was 10 months before thay sent my policy. I complained and demanded compensation for all the hassle, and they sent me a small cheque with grovelling letter - twice!

I believe that with the contents insurance, the other way that they stay cheap is to pay out the 2nd-hand value of your items, rather than new-for-old as more expensive policies often do. This is something to check with any contents insurance.
Friday 15 October 2004 9.17am
We own a small flat, but our building is maintained by a property company who have their own insurance. We have taken out contents only insurance from Nationwide Home Insurance, and inclusive of legal protection, we only pay about 8.50 per month.

I live outside of SE1, but I don't live in a brilliant area by any means - I don't know how much more it'll cost for being in London...

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