Airplanes over Bermondsey

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Saturday 10 August 2002 12.47pm
Am I imagining it, but it seems to me that we are having large numbers of aircraft flying overhead - and the number seems on the increase. Maybe they are flying lower - or maybe I keep my windows open more at night. A lot seem to be flying towards LHR in the West - but seem very low at this distance from the airport. Has anyone any information on this?
Saturday 10 August 2002 8.30pm
If you are under the normal flightpath into Heathrow, as we are at Elephant, there is a plane about every 90 seconds all through the day - but this has been the case for many years and I think it would be physically impossible for them to be closer together than that. I don't know of any reason why they should seem to be lower than they used to be. At Elephant they are mostly just about still high enough not to be too much of a noise nuisance. Be thankful you do not live at Kew Gardens, by which stage you can almost see the passengers through the plane windows.
Mike O Brien
Monday 12 August 2002 8.43am
At Tower Bridge we are getting increasingly frustrated by the amount of tourist helicopters flying overhead every few minutes. It's when the tenth such noisy whirly-thing has disrupted my Eastenders that I get annoyed.

Is there anyone we can complain to?
Monday 12 August 2002 9.56am
I suggest that if you don't like the tourists you move to the country, otherwise accept that you live in central London!
Mike O Brien
Monday 12 August 2002 10.06am
A bit defeatist if you ask me, Urbanite. Do you respond to every gripe about London with "Accept it as part of living in this wonderful city"?

I've lived in Central London all my life and have never once wanted to move out to the Land of the Grockles. However, the recent rise in helicopter noise, which disrupts a good evening of telly-watching is not good.
Country bumpkin
Monday 12 August 2002 10.44am
We have tourists in the country as well. At least your horrid London streets don't get parked up by their cars, and you manage to put them into Ghettos like the Tower of London, London Dungeon etc.!

Only solution to the tourist problem is to move somewhere where they don't have tourists. Like the Tora Bora cave complex. Or Baghdad.

You could move to Leytonstone, and give up your riverside view loft apartment, with its open plan kitchen.
Monday 12 August 2002 11.03am
ooooh , the forum is getting a bit heated lately. can't you all just have adult debates without resorting to throwing insults around? respect peoples views and enjoy the debates and keep a sense of humour pleez.
Monday 12 August 2002 12.47pm
With regard to Mike Boyle's original comment, I've been in my flat for just over 2 years, and there's definitely been an increase in the number of planes flying over in the last 6 months or so. I assume the flight paths have been changed, but I'm afraid I have no idea about how you find out this stuff. From memory, though, the flight paths for planes stacking up to land at LHR do change periodically, so I assume it's not a permanent change.
Tuesday 13 August 2002 11.18am
I've asked my dad (he sits at the front of those big flying objects landing at LHR) and he says that the flight paths and approach heights have not changed, and in fact traffic levels are lower that they have been in recent months .. so not sure why you are experiencing increased noise. As someone who has just moved from Wandsworth I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet!
Tuesday 13 August 2002 11.30am
Prevailing winds, prevailing winds! When it blows from the west they fly over London and when it blows from the east they fly over Windsor (Queenie gets it no matter which way they go). They changed the flight paths slightly since last September but not enough to make a lot of difference - the driver still has to point it in the same basic direction. Heathrow has been at about the same capacity for some time so that's not it, however, when they are on easterlys the lot landing at London City fly over the centre of London( slightly scary at night, you get the impression you can touch the top of Canary Wharf). When they do, they fly south of the river and turn around to approach back down the river so it may be that everyone is hearing - and they would probably be lower at that point given that London City is closer.
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