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Sunday 22 September 2002 7.25am
The "Oxo Tower Dozen" - so James is the action they are taking in support of the pro-hunting group, or agin it?
It's more likely they support the pro hunters - just another example of the Tories trying to stay on the gravy train!
Perhaps to serve with the foxes who according to one former posting is just the same as the stewing steak that you cut up?

and the porcine element takes to the sky...
Monday 23 September 2002 9.09am
I was born in the country and lived there until ten years ago - so I'm pretty ambivalent towards the whole city / rural debate.

The only thing I would like to say is that I think these guys did themselves no favours by turning up looking like a bunch of stereotypical country clones - when I lived in the sticks I knew no one who walked around sporting tweed plus fours, a freshly oiled Barbour, with a feather in their flat cap, immaculate Hunter wellington boots, shooting stick, etc.

To my mind, it leaves them open to parody - I even saw a girl at Waterloo in some point-to-point shirt / polo shirt with horse rossettes emblazoned all over her - I mean, c'mon - if you're marching on behalf of liberty and livelihood, let's have some diversity and freedom/originality of thought on your part in the first place.

At least they didn't go mental when they got up here and trash the place though, which was nice of them.
Monday 23 September 2002 4.31pm
Yeah couldn't work out exactly how a shepherd's crook helped them when they were fubling with tube barriers at Waterloo, although it did help them barge me out of the way when they tried to work out what direction they were going in.

Was glad to see them all piling into McDonalds too, don't eat there myself what with their poor workers rights, the forcing down of the price of beef, the over use of needless packaging they adds to the awful amount of litter in the city, but then you can't expect country folk to understand the problems we have in the city.
Monday 23 September 2002 4.36pm
I know what you mean Biscuit Boy - as I passed through Waterloo on the way back from the Nike 10K yesterday I overhead one of the tweed-jacketed ones saying to his fellow bumpkin about the bag of Burger King produce he had just bought: "Cor.... must be a good 3lb of beef in this bag!"

"French beef" I was tempted to chip in, but with all those crooks around, thought it was best to bite my (ox) tongue
Monday 23 September 2002 4.40pm
I'm with Russ Brown and CF on this one I'm afraid. The government would move to ban meat eater if there were enough vegetarians out there. This is purely and simply a question of suspicion of the unknown versus frustration of interferring outsiders.

Reading through the arguments, it is clear that the 'townies' are making emotive decisions from the comfort of their own 'front rooms' with that nice Mr Deayton telling them what to think on the telly! (ho-ho)
Monday 23 September 2002 4.59pm
p.s. can someone please put down that fox that keeps mauling my rubbish and spreading it across the estate??

They are no better than pigeons and rats
Monday 23 September 2002 5.41pm
I just popped back onto this board to see if there had been any responses to my previous post.

The thread makes a fascinating read, and a real eye opener to me. My illusions that the folks in the city were a sophisticated worldly group of individuals is sadly somewhat shattered.

I am sure that 50% of what is written on the board is Pure banter, you are clearly a small group quite familiar with each other judging by the fact that my registration came in as a relatively low number compared to most boards that I have visited in the past. You score intellectual Browny points by being a little cleverer than the previous respondent which is fine, but the underlying level of ignorance and intolerance is unbelievable.

Country Bumpkin, you left the country to avoid narrow-mindedness, just read some of the bigotry in this thread.

Also CB in 1940 in the Blitz outside a very small minority of students of politics no one would have had a clue what anti-fascism meant, let alone be prepared to pursue it. Retaining a life let alone a livelihood in London would have been a somewhat more significat ambition. The reason my family moved to the country was because a bombed church fell on my mothers flat. It wasn't by choice, but we made the most of it and will try to continue to do so.

Anyway, that was supposed to be just an analogy for the well used phrase. "I don't agree with what you say but I would die to defend your right to say it."

Take care, and thanks for the education.


Monday 23 September 2002 6.02pm
No Russ,

I believe it is those 'townies' who owe you a word of thanks for the education you've provided. It's always nice to see that people get together to mention how intelectually void they are by someone so well read like yourself. I too am one of those that can only collect brownie points by replying to the latest and greatest.

Anyway, your illsusions were not the only ones to be shattered by this board. I've always been blissfully aware that country-chaps have nothing in their closets that does not blend in nicely with the rural vegetation and earthly colours. Outer wear that smells of a candle factory, and boots that have been lined with leather. Don't they all own walking sticks to aid them walking the 30 miles to the market square every day for fresh water ?

I left the country to make good old decent wonga here in the big smoke... one day I'll retire back into the countryside, and will join the army of people fighting for their rights. I might even take up bear-trapping, in order to fit in properly.
Tuesday 24 September 2002 7.12am

I salute your ambition 'to retire to the country' once you've made enough 'wonga'. Unfortunately everyone else has got that ambition too. There seems to be this perverse 'love/hate' thing going on here. The farmers love coming to the City once in a while, the City loves coming to the country to ramble through scenes out of William Blake's 'green and pleasant land'.

Jai, I'm afraid if us 'townies' don't keep putting our hands in our pocket to subsidise their sugar and lamb, your 'countryside' will turn into a Barratt housing estate - a 'brookside' close and about as sterile and homogeneous as an operating table. If a Barratt home on a Barratt 'cul-de-sac' is what you want, then that's OK. If on the other hand, you like your countryside to look like a patchwork of 'quaint' little hamlets bordered by tidy hedgerows with a sprinkle of 'interesting locals' then you should let these locals enjoy their 'sports'.

Personally, I choose the latter but then everyone is entitled to their own opinion....(these seems to be lost on those who want to impose their City values on the 400,000 marchers)
Tuesday 24 September 2002 10.56am
Jai, biscuit boy et al,

you're sudden silence surprises me. Have exhausted your arguments? Are we all suddenly in agreement? For a group who argued with the zealousy of the jesuits, I will interpret your silence as a sign that you will now live and let live.

Isn't 'sameness' boring? If we were all straight, if we all supported the same football team and if we were all vegans, wouldn't life be a dull place.

As the French say, 'Vive la difference' - let us not let the next generation grow up thinking that a chicken breast is supposed to be quite 'white' or smoked salmon quite so 'pink'.

If the average Brit actually got out into the countryside a bit more, we wouldn't be such a spinless excuse of nation.

If Jai was really that serious, he would campaign against the intensive farming methods that are necessary to make sure his chicken breast doesn't cost him more than a quid - but then, the average townie probably wouldn't be able to stomach the extra cost of properly reared fowl.

Btw, proper organic, corn-fed, free range chicken is about 3 times the price
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