Tai Won Mein noodle house

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Thursday 10 October 2002 8.54pm
@ elephant. Just a word of warning to those uninitiated into the delights (NOT) of this 'restaurant'. If you ever go to Castello's (brilliant) and the waiting time is beyond your hunger limit, DON'T make the mistake of going next door to the TAI WON MEIN. It's cheap and you get served quickly, but that's all. Thinking we'd picked one of the few veggie options, we got a plate of warm noodles with scraps of meat. When we questioned the menu description (all other options seem quite clear as to whether meat or veggie) we were told that we couldn't change our minds after ordering and it was our own fault. mmmm... nice people.
The place has its own security, which it needs as you don't feel safe in there. The five people at the table next to us ran out without paying, and I can't blame them really.
Friday 11 October 2002 9.55am
I have eaten there and I thought it was excellent value, albeit rather noisy. It certainly is not in the same league as Castello's next door but that is comparing apples with oranges. It has the authentic rough-and-tumble atmosphere of a Malaysian hawker centre. It makes no claim to be a "posh restaurant".

The only thing I don't like about Tai Won Mein is that, bizarrely, it doesn't take credit or even debit cards. Apart from that, I would recommend it for good cheap quick oriental nosh.

Friday 11 October 2002 5.30pm
I have to disagree.

I thought Castello's was a grave disapointment. Way too much Garlic, which they need to hide the fact that the ingredients are not too fresh. If you want a really good Italian, may I reccomend Pizza Metro in Clapham. (a fair distance, but you won't be dissapointed)

Tai Won Mein is one of the best value eateries around. For the prices you pay, I can not see how anyone can be dissapointed.

The food is very authentic, and the portions are huge. I especially recomend the noodle soups.

Yes given, when you expect a vegetarian dish, it would be a little dissapointing to find meat in it. The waiting staff could do with a smile sometimes, but it's fast and efficient. Remember, you're not in a full service restaurant. The location is not the best in the world, but it's always busy in there. Which must explain something.

If you'd like an alternative to this, then I'd recomend 'Culture Grub' on the Cut. The owners recently opened it (about 3 months) and previously they ran the noodle shop frequented almost solely by taxi drivers (and they know value) behind Waterloo station called 'Dumpling Inn' The prices are higher, and the food is generally not as good. But I'm certain also that the 'veggie meals' have no pork in them !

Friday 11 October 2002 5.30pm
Paul - I wasn't comparing the two restaurants. If I was it would have to be a more extreme comparison than apples and oranges - rather like comparing looking at beautiful summer sky with watching my cat puke.

I also said it was really cheap and fast. My point was that the menu didn't make clear that the dish we thought was veggie actually contained a load of meat scraps. That the noodles were warm not hot and that the staff were unhelpful to say the least when we raised the issue of the quality of the food and veggie/meat menu descriptions.

It isn't so bizarre that they only take cash - it says on the door 'due to fraud we don't accept cheques or credit cards'. So that says a lot about the clientele - like the party that skipped out without paying at all!

I didn't think it was a 'posh' restaurant - whatever that is - but the food certainly doesn't match any malaysian hawker centre I've been to, which is a few.
Friday 11 October 2002 5.41pm
Which is a good thing Kate, as the food certainly does not pretend to be Malaysian.

Anyway, no need to get so upset, just because other people are giving their opinion. Perhaps you can make it a little clearer next time, because it certainly does look like you're comparing quality between the two restaurants from your earlier comment (although admittedly, I don't read through these things like a lawyer)

Saturday 14 October 2006 9.25pm
From past experience I've found the food edible and moderately tasty.. however they seem quite unfriendly (and no, I gave them no cause to be so). :)
Sunday 15 October 2006 6.45am
...despite your "evil" moniker!
Sunday 15 October 2006 1.00pm
Well of course that aside.. :p
Sunday 15 October 2006 9.22pm
I've only ever used Tai Tip Mein (same people, menu etc) by the shopping centre, and there you pay when your order is taken. Is the arrangement different over the road?

I'd have thought not taking cards was to avoid the processing fees for what will usually be small amounts, and I can't say I blame them for not accepting cheques; only the elderly and the fraudulent use them as payment in shops and restaurants these days.
Sunday 15 October 2006 9.24pm
[NB - Paul's message above re. non-acceptance of cards was posted four years ago.]

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