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Friday 25 October 2002 4.25pm
I can't believe NTL don't offer broadband to this area when they've got the cables in place, hummmph.

Where's my wireless card....
Sunday 27 October 2002 1.09am
they've run out of money, and can't affor to buyt the equipment... go back to BT for your phonelines.

Monday 28 October 2002 12.48am
NTL cleverly were laying analogue cable in new developments and flats up until 12 months ago - even when other telcos were rolling out their digital services - its no wonder they ran out of cash. As Jai stated - they don't have the money to convert the analogue exchanges to digital, so that's why they don't offer broadband. BT ADSL broadband through your phones not bad (512K pipe) - otherwise if you want faster than that you're looking at satellite broadband - and then, as I'm sure you already know - you're talking really chunky monthly charges.
Monday 28 October 2002 1.39pm
It's a shame as, though I haven't yet re-connected, I have cable points already in my flat - I quite fancied one point of entry for cable tv, telephone and broadband - I can't fit a dish so this means I'll now have to split my services over bt and crap is that? Anyone would think I lived in a remote region not 400 yards from a huge Cable & Wireless office.....
Monday 28 October 2002 11.38pm
Whatever became of the ntl wireless local loop broadband trial that was being run from the top of Guy's hospital? I seem to remember it was going to be at 384Kbps symmetrical.

From the ntl web site of a quite few months ago:

"ntl is looking for a limited number of people to participate in our exciting new wireless Internet project. The purpose of this project is to evaluate customer experience of this brand new broadband technology. This technology will allow Internet enabled PCs to connect to the Internet at speeds of almost ten times the rate of a standard dial-up modem. In addition, this provides an always-on service and leaves the existing telephone line available for normal use. "
Tuesday 29 October 2002 2.51pm
Haven't heard of that - guess they found their volunteers by now though!
Thursday 31 October 2002 5.54pm
Continuing a longstanding habit of talking to myself, permit me to share the answer I found to the question I asked about the ntl wireless broadband trial.

This is particularly good news if you can erect a little aerial to point at Guy's Hospital and like the idea of free 600Kbits/sec service for the next 5 months...

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NTL Wireless Broadband Trial Successful
Posted: 27 October 2002, 15:52:17
Author: Jez

NTL have announced that their wireless broadband trial operating at sites in Wandsworth, Chiswick, London Bridge and Croydon has been extremely successful.

The cable operator is now aiming to boost the number of subscribers by arranging leaflet drops and looking into local promotion. One such incentive is free service until the end of March 2003, after which a fairly competitive 24.99 monthly fee is levied. In addition, the product is advertised at 600Kbps, which is marginally faster than Home & Office 500 ADSL products.

The installation is stated to cost between 99 and 130 depending upon whether a "standard" or "non-standard" procedure is required. Minimum contract term is 12 months.

Update 30th October 2002:

NTL have published their new wireless broadband website viewable at The site contains the familiar availability maps featuring colour coded regions representing the likelihood of obtaining service at your location. There is still no definition of the difference between a "standard" and "non-standard" installation. For more information, contact 0800 052 4658.
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Zoodle the WiFi phreaker
Thursday 31 October 2002 7.29pm
I don't know whether this entry on the Consume site refers to the NTL trial or not...
Friday 1 November 2002 10.24am
I too would desperately love to get Broadband, although I'm told it's the same story across alot of London - analogue exchanges that they can't afford to upgrade to digital. I find this so frustrating, because frankly you would have thought the best people to get onto broadband are London residents - people who live here and more importantly work at the heart of government, communications and media - the kind of people who can experience and extol the virtues of broadband to the wider public. (apologies of this sounds too London-ego centric). Meanwhile I have tried to access the ntl/wireless site but it appears to be down at the moment.
Monday 4 November 2002 2.10pm
Seb. It was a case of the quick and the dead. The ntl page went "You are not authorised to view this page" for a while but now says:

"Wireless Broadband from ntl:home

Thank you for your interest in our Wireless Broadband service.

We have now reached the number of customers for which this offer was valid. As a result we will not be taking orders for this product in the foreseeable future."

Presumably the "valid number" was about 20. A nice cheap way to gauge public interest, though. Well done, ntl!
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