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Tooley Street lapdancing club

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Monday 17 July 2006 10.15am
As an immigrant I have to say that the British politeness was an attracting factor, and I personnly concur with the "rude to stare, rude to point, rude to comment" attitude. Just let people be.

In relation to the bouncers in the the club; whether they are acting in an inappropriate manner or not, they are acting no differently to (employed) men standing outside plenty of other businesses in Southwark and beyond.

However, as bouncers are commonly seen to impose acceptable behaviour on the difficult clientle of bars, then I think it could be valid to complain to the management of Rembrandts that their bouncers are not assuring local people that the club will not tolerate boorishness outside the premises.
Wednesday 26 July 2006 7.54am
Sorry to restart an old thread but the "50% increase in rapes in Camden" quoted by Lilith is Pure rubbish. The actual numbers from the Met Police are,

1999 46
2000 83
2001 79
2002 69
2003 47
2004 51
2005 72

To get the 50% number they just used 1999 and 2002 to create the number they wanted, must be New Labour trained !

Wednesday 26 July 2006 9.57am
Cheers Bill

i think that there is a connection between this issue and the increased powers which have been awarded to Ken.

His office responded to me and said that the report he quotes as the basis of his objection was the Lilith report.

I take this as an indication of power gone mad - if he doesn't want something he doesn't even feel the need to show real justification for his objection, and will merrily deceive and propagate fear to achieve his ends.

To think Kate Bush once wrote a song about him .....
Wednesday 26 July 2006 10.59am
I also queried Livingstone about his statement that " a previous similar club in the area had caused problems". As I suspected he was refering to Wicked which operated as a private members swingers/fetish club for a few months 2 or 3 years ago. As i understand it " parishioners" had been alarmed by people leaving the club in fetish gear at 7am !

Rembrants is a competitor to Stringfellows with a PEL, Wicked was a private members club with no paid performers. Hardly the same thing, I actually doubt very much whether Wicked generally caused many problems but even if it did they would not be repeated by a place like Rembrandts.

Thursday 27 July 2006 4.11pm
So, has anyone been in then? Might be worth posting a review here...
Thursday 27 July 2006 5.42pm
Bill M wrote:

To get the 50% number they just used 1999 and 2002 to create the number they wanted, must be New Labour trained !


Not surprising considering the 2003, 2004 and 2005 figures didn't exist at the time the report was published...
Friday 28 July 2006 11.55am
Not surprising considering the 2003, 2004 and 2005 figures didn't exist at the time the report was published...[/quote]

Yes but if you go back 1998 and 1997 were both substantailly higher than 1999 which was an exceptionally low year. With this type of statistic you get an effect called " reverting to the mean", all Lilith did was pick an exceptionally low year { there were already clubs in Camden in 1999} to create the number they wanted. Speed camera partnerships do the same thing when they say " Cameras reduce deaths on the road by 40%" when total deaths on the road across the UK is unchanged.

Thursday 21 December 2006 10.27am
People might be interested to know that a FoI request from a local Lib Dem activist has revealed that the Mayor spent about 20k on the efforts to challenge the licence for this club.
Thursday 21 December 2006 11.23am
I agree with what Ivanhoe said regarding commenting on a woman's appearance if you don't know her. It absolutely infuriates me if it happens to me and it makes me also feel really vulnerable and a bit scared if I'm by myself.
I also think it happens far too often and that lots of men do believe it is acceptable.
In the summer I worked for a school in Regents Park and everytime I walked into the canteen, one of the staff there stared at me, watched me-and one occasion ran to get his friend when I went in, and shouted 'that's her'.
It was a horrible experience which made me feel very unsettled and vulnerable.
Eventually I just wouldn't go in to the canteen if he was there, or I ostentatiously would wait for another member of staff. I was also leered at by some loser last week on the Cut.
Some people might think it's flattering, but believe me, it really isn't.
Wednesday 16 January 2008 11.44am
ok, just been reading these comments and a few things came to mind....or rather p****d me off

regarding 'demeaning women'? clubs don't go out onto the streets and scout women - to ge a job in a strip club one would generally have to apply directly to the club - through freedom of choice!

while many who comment on the clubs have probably never been inside one or met a stripper here's a pointer - you wouldnt be able to spot a dancer in the street as most look like they would never do such a thing
however, it is true that in some clubs, the girls offer 'extras' but this is the exception to the rule and the police have enforeced cctv and stricter rules including surprise visits

The one thing that really made me reply was the 'religious thing' I am Christian but respect other faiths, although it doesnt mean i agree with everything the christian church states C of E? dont get me started!!
However, there is a club in Alperton 'Hush' (an area in which many of the residents are muslim) and thus pretty much the only customers in the club are muslim...many who come down for entertainment while a wedding is going on in the restaurant upstairs (the weddings go on for a very long time and so many of the male guests come down) without delving into race/religious issues I've heard they are particularly rude/disgusting customers unwilling to spend money for theier 'entertainment' and often very rude to the girls...i knew a girl who worked there and was in tears after a racist comment made to her by a 'customer'

There are places which have very strict rules and regulations to protect the girls and the owners aren't usually sleezy (there are exceptions!) there is also a house mother who is in fact responsible for the girls and their well being.

the customers are usually kept in line and you wouldn't distinguish one from the average club goer pissing and puking down the street!

As for rise in crime (gun crime i read???) and other 'sex industries'? as has been stated by others there is no real prrof to this and as a dancer (ok im quie conservative and only pole dance - no private dances only stage shows in different clubs - yes your average nightclub not 'sleezy' stipclubs neccessarily) I have never once thought about going into prostitution etc! and many clubs actually do police checks on the girls and will not hire anyone with a past in the 'adult industry' and there are several clubs in areas where no brothel has opened!

to to summarise: dancing is a way for many girls to make money by providing a service (i wont say exploiting as its belittling to men who make a conscious decision to visit a club) with no touching and no worse than many ads/tv shows broadcast during the day!

dont bring religion into it! we all know the church's past and as stated Muslim men are more than happy to visit these clubs (i gave the one as a n example but there are muslim customers in many clubs) I am not saying that it is true of all muslim men who may hold different views i am only stating the fact that they are not excluded as customers - the men in the clubs i have met have no problem visiting the clubs while their wives are at home and offering money for sex (which was declined!!) they only had a problem if muslim women they knew were to dance.

I have no problem with strip clubs in general - but i do think that the rules ned to be stricter - many men will complain if a girl doesnt 'touch' rub against them and unfortunatley many girls begin to give in if it means more money - if there were stricter regulations (as there are in scotland) then it would be impossible for this to occur and it would be more 'tasteful' - reminiscent of the original 'revues' in the early 1900s

I'm sure there's more but my fingers hurt!!
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