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Muggings on Monday night....

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Thursday 23 March 2006 1.56am
Hi SE1 people.

Sorry that my first post here is so morbid, but I wondered if anyone had any more info on the spate of muggings that happened on Monday night? Witnesses, bags found etc?

I ask because my girlfriend was victim number 2 in what was apparently a string of 5 attacks.

We live in Leathermarket St. She had worked late (8pm) and was walking along St Thomas St from LB Tube. Looking down Weston St she saw what appeared to be a fight with a group of blokes in the street (we later found out this was the first in a series of attacks).

So, instead of walking down Weston St, she walked along St Thomas and down Bermondsey. While I was on the phone to her, she was walking along Leathermarket St and said "I think that's those guys from Weston St.". I said I'd come down and meet her. As I left my front door, but before I was out of the flat courtyard, she said "Someone's coming" and the phone suddenly went dead. Next thing I hear horrifying screams from the street.

I ran out to find my girl flat on the floor with a bunch of guys half standing over her and half starting to move off. I raced at them yelling blue f****ng murder and they ran off, thank god.

They punched her in the face, tried to take her bag. When it wouldn't come (tight straps) they stamped on her face, kicked her up and down the body and stood on her legs.

Obviously this has been extremely traumatic for her, and also for me.

I have been told that this is a pretty rare occurrence for these parts, but having only lived here for 3 months, it's really shaken her confidence in the area.

The culprits, who the police believe they have apprehended (5 brain dead guys and two idiot girls) went on to assault people in Tower Bridge Rd and at a couple of other places closer to Elephant and Castle.

Would be nice to hear the thoughts of people who have lived in the area for some time, as well as any info or further details people may have...

Thanks very much.
Thursday 23 March 2006 5.37am
Heavens! I am so SO sorry to hear this story, it is reminiscent of the "happy slappers" who recently went on an orgy of muggings ending in a death some months ago...thank goodness they all got banged up and I sincerely hope this shower get the same treatment. What can I say. In defence of the area where we all live and love living, I think this can happen anywhere, and it's not the fault of the area but the fault of our ridiculously anarchic and fuzzy liberal society, which has allowed this sort of thing to get out of hand by ingnoring the seeds when they were first sown. The fact that things are getting progressively out of hand, and that the rearguard action of the government to clamp down on the mayhem in our schools has now been put forward in desperation, is proof that all this "freedom" has gone terribly awry. That ANY bunch of young people feel this is a legitimate form of "letting off steam" or "getting back at...whoever" or "having a fun night out" is a horrible indictment of where we have allowed our society to arrive.

Firstly, I hope that you and your girlfriend take time and get all the help you need to overcome this horrible experience. Secondly I hope you'll come to some of our SE1 "do's" and discover we arent all axe murderers. And last, and most important, I hope the perpetrators of this disgusting "night on the tiles" get a huge, and VERY public comeuppance.
Thursday 23 March 2006 7.24am
I absolutely agree with everything Jackie says. Lack of discipline and punishment has allowed these things to go on unchecked. Sadly we all know that even if these people are caught, the most they will get from our pathetic justice system will be a smack on the wrist and be told not to do it again. If they are really unlucky they will get a couple of hours community service, which if they cannot be bothered to turn up to, will be completely ignored because its against their human rights to be punished. What a desperate state of affairs we have let this country become.
I sincerely hope you both get over your very sad experience and reiterate that we are not all the same and for the most we are all decent people who are equally horrified by your experience.
Thursday 23 March 2006 9.10am
Thanks guys. I know that the majority are decent and kind, and it's nice to see how much generosity people are offering us after the assholes drop into your life.

I love this area, have been visiting it for years to see friends before we moved in to Leathermarket St. and I've always considered it to be one of the more welcoming and peaceful in London. From my point of view we were just desperately unlucky that evening, these kids attacked anyone in their path - truly a case of wrong place, wrong time.

But my girlfriend is obviously shaken and finding it hard to get out of the door. It's only been a few days, so I'm not rushing her of course. It's hard to try and tell someone who has just been attacked that the chances of it happening again are so slim and that she should try not to let it eat her up.

On the more positive side, it looks like they have caught them all, but like you both suggest, I'm not too confident of seeing the punishment fit the crime.
Thursday 23 March 2006 9.27am
i am so sorry to hear that. hopefully she will be ok soon.

when we have had trouble in the past (on a completely different order of magnitude, much less frightening if more annoying, dealing with drunken behaviour) we contacted the local poilce team who is responsible for our area.

the guys have been really friendly and helpful and put more patrols up, so that it would discourage people from camping on our little square.
it was the walworth police station (not sure why they would be responsible for our area southwark bridge rd/flat iron square).
maybe if you speak to the police again, they can liasie with those officers and put st thomas st/weston st /bermondsey st on some sort of routine patrol. (-not sure whether there is anything in place already?)

glad that they caught them and hopefully they piece everything together to send a message to all those low-lifes to stay away from this kind of horrible behaviour.
Thursday 23 March 2006 9.49am
Hi there
I am so appalled by this- I really hope these people have the book thrown at them. It is scarily reminiscent of the horrific murder that happened on the embankment.
These things are very rare and although that won't be of much comfort to your girlfriend I really hope she recovers soon. This is a great and vibrant area to live in and hope you can both move on from this.
Thursday 23 March 2006 10.25am
I liked to add my sympathies too. I've lived near by for over 10 years now and not had a problem you have just been terribly unlucky. These things take time to get over but I hope it doesn't take too long. Like Jackie I would like to suggest that you come and meet some of the nicer locals at our next get together on the 7th aprils. Come together and enjoy yourselves. Best wishes
Thursday 23 March 2006 10.33am
Very sorry to hear about this. Have been living in Bermondsey for 6 months now and have never felt unsafe. Definitely a case of 'wrong place, wrong time' - this kind of stuff can happen anywhere. Hope you and your girlfriend are recovering and don't let these awful people get to you.

All the best.
Thursday 23 March 2006 11.39am

It is appalling what happened to your girlfriend and others and i hope she overcomes her physical scars and psycological scars quickly. I walk down Weston street a couple of times a week in the evenings and have never had any problems. As everyone has said it was probably just unfortunate that she was there when these people decided to go on their mugging spree. I am really glad they caught them as well.
Thursday 23 March 2006 11.51am
I imagine the muggers will turn out to be under 18 and their names and addresses will be withheld
'for legal reasons'. If any of them are named you should post their details here to cause them as
much embarassment as possible - assuming they or their families can be shamed.
Your girlfriend, being a victim, and if she is going to testify in court should receive all relevant info about
the muggers and if they are under age, could post their details on lamp posts throughout SE1anonymously
and get some satisfaction as they will most likely just get community service by claiming their
behaviour was caused by being dropped on their heads as babies and themselves being victims!
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