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Muggings on Monday night....

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Friday 30 June 2006 2.33pm
I can report back on my experiences as a muggee! Firstly I should said that most blokes I know would react in the same way as JonR - indeed when I tell any guys about the second (!) time I was mugged they all say the same thing.

The second time I was mugged the mugger lunged for my wallet and got hold of it but I grabbed him before he could get away. At that point he claimed to have a knife and would stab me if I didnt let him go. I was about 24, reasonably fit and had done judo all my life - I was fairly confident that if it came to it I had the measure of him (he must have been slightly thick to have picked me as a victim). But I thought about it - there was less than 15 in the wallet, if I took him on the was a good chance one or both of us would be injured, for 15 I didnt think it was worth it so I let him off (but obviously reported it and came back looking for him etc..). The first time I as mugged I had all my wordly possessions on me (I was 17 and had just arrived in Dublin from my home town and had my rental deposit for a flat in cash on me) - luckily that time the muggers were too thick to get the money from me (they walked away with about 3 in coins), if I had had all my worldly possessions on me the second time I may well have taken him on in the heat of the moment. I think I would have been wrong to do it though. Your health is more important (why take a chance with it?).

By the way I dont think it follows that letting muggers go unchallenged makes them more likely to mug again. We could as easily say that punching them once might make them more likely to be more careful and carry a knife and do serious damage to their victim the next time.
Friday 30 June 2006 2.33pm
Jon I am surpised that you think because you are a bloke you will not get mugged. Statistically men are more likely to be a victim of street crime than a women and for this reason I worry more about the safety of my sons than I do myself. also MrJac has been the victim of an attempted mugging (for his wallet not hand bag) and all be it a long time ago and not in this area whereas I have not and touch wood that will remain the case.
Friday 30 June 2006 3.19pm
i'm a bloke, and i don't think i'd get mugged

different to saying 'because i am a bloke, I will not get mugged'

i'm perfectly happy to accept that i may get mugged, and i'm surprised at the statistic that more men than women are 'victims of street crime'!

hopefully i'll never get to find out what it's like.
Friday 30 June 2006 3.35pm
JonR wrote:
and i'm surprised at the statistic that more men than women are 'victims of street crime'!

I was surprised at that too but a quick google (it's Friday afternoon...) found:

"Street Robbery- Victim and Offender Profiles
In 2000/2001 73% of street robbery victims were male and 25% female (2% were unknown)."

This was for one area in London (Brent) in one year but it is probably fairly applicable across London. (Not that I doubted you Jac! - It was just an interesting stat that I was curious about.)
Friday 30 June 2006 3.47pm
I must say even im surpised by the stats on street robbery as I said street crime which includes getting drunk and into a fight. Did your google give age of victims cos I think the highest group is around 20-35yrs male but I can remember? It might be younger
Friday 30 June 2006 4.04pm
The stats did give an age-profile - I dont want to make you worry too much for your sons as they're still unlikely to be mugged but the peak reported age for victims of street crime (in Brent in that year) was 16-19 and nearly all the victims seemed to be 16 to 35 (surprising perhaps) with most being 16 to 30. Just a couple of years till I move out of the most dangerous age range then! (Though actually despite having been mugged / attempted to be mugged a few times it's not something that I ever worry about.)

(The link to the entire report is here: - go to about page 9 or 10 for details on street robbery if interested. Actually, looking at it in detail I think there's more than a possibility that the graph on page 10, fig 15, has mis-labelled the victims and suspects lines, in which case the age profile I gave above is a little out but basically 16-24 is the peak for victims and suspects. Right - I better do some real work now.)
Friday 30 June 2006 5.36pm
victim and suspect/mugger ages are similar our growing gang culture doen't help and I realised 20 was probably a bit on the high side when I thought about it.
Tuesday 12 December 2006 6.13pm
Hello all. I see that this topic generated a little bit of debate during its lifetime.

I thought I'd report back on my experiences since that awful night and update anyone who's interested in what's happening.

The police did catch a bunch of kids that night. A couple of MONTHS later my girlfriend was asked to go in and identify them (using the digital imaging suite in Southwark Station). Unfortunately, given that they were all wearing hoods, it was dark and they were all black - identification was very difficult for her. But she had to sit and look at 90 different faces (I think it was ten for each suspect).

I don't know what evidence they have for the other victims that night, but there seemed to have been a decent amount of evidence against them for my girlfriend's case (they were caught with the bag, the phone, shoeprints on her face, couple of witnesses etc). However - because they are a gang they have all pleaded not guilty (partly, I suspect, because it will be very hard to convict an indivudual of the actual assault). They are also all up for "Robbery" and we still haven't had a satisfactory answer about whether they are also being charged for assault or something else related to the physical violence they inflicted.

Since the incident, we have moved to Brighton (which, I might add - is totally brilliant! It was a move hastened by what happened to my girlfriend, who felt she couldn't stay in the flat because it happened right outside the door, but we were intending to move here anyway).

My experience with the police has been pretty much the same from moment one of that night up to the present time - there are some wonderful individuals working for the legal system, but the system itself is a frustrating, plodding, enigmatic and flabby thing. We waited for months for a magistrate trial, which was then referred to Crown Court. When it got to Crown Court, months later, it was then adjourned until late January next year. And that is just to set a date. Estimates from friendly, but essentially quite useless, contacts suggest that it will be sometime in March/April. We don't know for definite if my girlfriend will have to testify, but we have asked for a screen to be put up in court if she has to. So the case rumbles on slowly.

Anyway, I enjoyed living in SE1 for the 8 months I was there. I don't bear any grudges against "the area", but there are some grim, thick, predatory pieces of scum around - as there are in many other areas of London, Brighton, or nearly any other place in Britain.
Tuesday 12 December 2006 8.02pm
Thanks for reporting back and good luck in Brighton.

My girlfriend walks home from London Bridge station along much the same path and so your news does worry me a bit.

I know of two cases of muggings in SE1 (as well as a street fight on snowfields/crosby row) and I'm surprised that people are so quick to say that they've personally had no problems and so it is likely just a one off.

There may be many more incidents that are never reported or made public. <-- free stuff and get rid of your unwanted stuff
Wednesday 13 December 2006 10.02am
I hope you and your girlfriend enjoy living in Brighton (I'm quite envious of you being able to stroll on the beach everyday, although I do still love SE1!).

Perhaps this thread should serve as a timely reminder to be extra vigilant, especially at this time of year. Like any other inner London borough, Southwark has it's fair share of problems and we can, to some extent at least, mitigate these by travelling in groups wherever possible, avoiding dark/badly lit streets, not talking on mobile phones (even though this may make your feel safe, it makes you a target) and concealing our valuables. Walking at a decent pace and looking confident also helps in my experience.

Best wishes to all those recovering from muggings.

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