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Wednesday 2 July 2008 1.30pm
In respect of Rambling Phil's point about evenings and community activities, I for one second the point. My residents association meetings start at 6 or 6.30pm, neighbourbood council meetings at similar times. Try as I might, I don't start walking across London Bridge till gone 7. Community? - well, perhaps there would be more if it wasn't at work!

For my part however I see SE1 as having community - its not all about attendnace at meetings. The mix of people, the sense of place, the feeling that this is a fun place to live, the matters listed on these pages make me optimistic about the future for the neighbourhood. Its what we make of it.

As for Jack Carter's opening message on this thread, well, sorry Jack. However, "community" is a sum of its parts - I assume you will take your rightful place within it and act accordingly?
Wednesday 2 July 2008 6.34pm
Hi Ivanhoe.

Painting in broad brushes for brevity.

Wednesday 2 July 2008 9.46pm
This forum is evidence of the existence of a local community, and the people who contribute to it - with advice, opinions, gossip and news - are making a contribution. I don't know of another forum like it. I lived in W2 for 9 years and, despite knowing loads of people in the area, knowing many of the local shopkeepers etc, and being involved with local politics and volunteering, I always had that quintessential London feeling of being estranged from a lot of what was around me. I've lived in SE1 for 18 months and it's much more intimate, and in some ways I feel more invested in the community.
Thursday 3 July 2008 5.56pm
well said longlaner!
Thursday 3 July 2008 6.53pm
Rambling Phil wrote:
Hi Ivanhoe.
Painting in broad brushes for brevity.


Fair enough Phil.

It only provoked a reaction from me because there's so much comment (in general, not specifically on this thread or forum) with the theme that only people with children count, or get involved in their community.

I'm not saying that's what you were implying (although I did think you were getting close to it - but that may well be me being oversensitive. It does happen ;0))

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 3 July 2008 8.23pm
~Anyway as far as I'm concerned Se1 IS brilliant.
Friday 4 July 2008 12.30pm
Jack Carter wrote:
..................I grew up in SE1, just like most of my family, going back generations.
Just stumbled across this website and thought i'd post about the sickening gentrification of the area

An area that was once poor, but had soul, was lively and had community, now has turned into a soulless wannabe Hoxton yuppy nightmare

Bermondsey Street has to be one of the most pretentious places going. Do you yuppies realised what you have done to the area?

Same with places like Shoreditch, Clapham, Battersea etc..................the middle classes come in and wreck an area.

I can't wait for the day when urban living (the most crindge worthy phrase around) is not 'hip' anymore and the real people of the area can reclaim it


Using terms like 'urban, edgy', drinking in trendy wine bars with names like village east, wearing baggy, ripped jeans and not shaving does not mean you are a true SE1 bod

When the time comes, these yuppies will move off to the suburbs and raise their 2.4 familes, whilst telling people they used to live in da ghetto, rough old Bermondsey etc

You might take our areas and drive us out but you'll never be accepted

Jarvis Cocker wrote common people for the idiots who use terms like SoBo.............


reading this again just makes me laugh!
SE1 still has sould, and a lively community, it's not a 'soulless wannabe Hoxton yuppy nightmare' it's a lot better.

JC - there are no yuppies any more, they all left in the early 90's when their mobile phones became light enough to carry in a pocket.

How have the middle classes wrecked the area - IMO they've made it better, it's no longer smelly, and 'orrible.

since when has 'urban living' been 'hip'? Most people I know who live in an urban environment (almost every single person I know in fact), does so out of necessity, not choice.

Where have the 'real people of the area' gone? when will they 'reclaim it'? how have they affected the areas where they live now?

a true SE1 bod - lives in SE1 - regardless of dress sense, dietry regime, no of haircuts a year, or no of shaves a week.

ahh now I see, '... raise their 2.4 families' - clearly the yuppies are of a religeous stance that allows pollygamy.

I'd hardly say that locals have been 'driven out' - it's your choice to move house or not. If you don't like an area, you choose to move, but you don't have to.... and I'm afraid to say that we will be accepted (there I go putting myself into this category that you're ranting against), but if we live here, and spend money here in the local shops, and businesses, we'll be accepted, just the same as people who've always lived here. A local shop owner might not like the cut of our gib, or the plumminess of our vocabulary, but if we're spending money in his shop he's very unlikely to object.

There you go - rant over.

so where is JC? Do you think he'll be coming to the summer social at Jackie R's house tonight - i'd love to meet him!
Friday 4 July 2008 1.47pm
Jack Carter's envy-ridden rant doesnt deserve the time of day. it sounds like he wants to ethnically cleanse se1 of all "undesirables" (in his opinion) or those who he just dislikes...a little to close to the opinions of mr hitler i am thinking
Friday 4 July 2008 3.23pm
Ivanhoe wrote:
It only provoked a reaction from me because there's so much comment (in general, not specifically on this thread or forum) with the theme that only people with children count, or get involved in their community.

I'm not saying that's what you were implying (although I did think you were getting close to it - but that may well be me being oversensitive. It does happen ;0))

Ah, the ubiquitous hard-working, home-owning families - doncha love 'em. The rest of us are just feckless, irresponsible layabouts.
Friday 4 July 2008 3.32pm
Rambling Phil wrote:
However, it is a two way thing. Last year I was at a community event and someone from Southwark College asked whether I'd be interested in evening classes. I was, but pointed out that it is impossible for most people working in office jobs in the centre of town to get to a 7pm class having grabbed a bite to eat. I was told that the courses weren't really intended for people with jobs (I'm pretty sure that was her phrase), but for the community.
One person, one anecdote, but I found it interesting that this "community" organisation had no intention of organising itself to help white-collar workers be involved, and that this one person didn't expect real members of the community to work.

I recently filled in the government's consultation form about adult education - a disgraceful document that seemed to be trying to secure agreement to cut funds to colleges in order to give it to 'communities' for 'self-learning activities'. Anyway, one of the questions the form asked was 'what can we do to get people involved who think learning's not for me?' (Hideous word that, learning - what's wrong with education?]

Anyway, I answered that I thought that the majority of people who think learning's not for them are busy professionals who can't leave their desk before six or seven in the evening - and that they're the people who the government should be working to attract. Seems I got that about right but I doubt anyone will take the point on board, especially as we're not part of the community it seems!
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