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Stopping the cyclists at More London

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Wednesday 27 May 2009 2.14am
I don't 'pathalogically hate cyclists'. There are many good cyclists who adhere not only to the law, but a simple 'code of good conduct' - ie. manners.

Some of the 'psychobabble' that I have read above, simply adds fuel to the fire about sheer ignorance, rudeness and selfishness.

Yours faithfully

Dennis Bloodnock VSOP [Major] [Ret'd}
Wednesday 3 June 2009 4.38pm
This is how it works at Deptford Creek:
Wednesday 3 June 2009 5.27pm
A lot of the time cyclists don't help themselves. Over the last week, it's been great to see so many more cyclists on the roads as the hot weather encourages people to cycle to work.

BUT, I'm very surprised that I haven't seen more cyclists literally "on the roads" as a result of an accident; because I have to say the level of roadcraft shown by a lot of them is close to zero.

I couldn't pass a car test with that little awareness of other road users. I doubt I'd get as far as taking my motorbike test if I had that little awareness of other road users ( not least because it would be highly likely that one of them would have run me over before I got chance to send off the application form).

Either these people have no common sense and/or have never been in charge of any other roadgoing vehicle (in which case I have a certain amount of sympathy, but FGS how many times do you have to try to jam yourself up the inside of a lorry on a tight road to realise that it's DANGEROUS?), or they are aware of the dangers but think that they are in some way immortal (in which case, I'm torn between (i)wishing them good luck, and (ii) cursing them. Because, if I have an accident with a cyclist because of some reckless behaviour on their part, I will take them to hospital, wait for them to get better, and then give them a blooming good piece of my mind.

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 3 June 2009 6.47pm
My money is on big Ive - get stuck in mate

Friday 5 June 2009 11.19pm
Boris the Biker wrote:
"I'm not kidding when I say that I'm militant about cycling, and these Superhighways are central to the cycling revolution I'm determined to bring about," says Boris Johnson.
"No longer will pedal power have to dance and dodge around petrol power - on these routes the bicycle will dominate and that will be clear to all others using them.

"That should transform the experience of cycling - boosting safety and confidence of everyone using the routes and reinforcing my view that the bike is the best way to travel in this wonderful city of ours."
Well if he'd ban motor vehicles from Tooley Street and cycling from More, he could gaze down on angelic streams of cyclists on one side and footfolk on the other.
Sunday 7 June 2009 8.15pm
I am impressed by this ongoing discussion, the eternal debate about pedestrians, cars and bicycles.

Many points are very true that are made here.

London as a bicycle heaven free of cars, will most likely never happen. Any person using a bicycle can forget this. The city is just to vast and "old" in the sense infrastructure space is difficult to accommodate for, that it is not very feasible. Cars, bicycles and pedestrian need to get along, it is as simple as that. The problems with this are many

a) many drivers have poor driving skills here in England. No offense to anyone but England vs many other European countries is lagging when it comes to good driving education and was late in bringing its driving tests near the same level as those same countries. In addition there are pretty many drivers using cars without a license at all. As such there are more than a few cars around with drivers that do not fully understand the dangers and challenges with 1) their driving (like NEVER using any of the car's indicators to let others know you are about to change lane or make a turn) 2) pedestrians 3) bicycles and 4)larger vehicles.

b) many people on bikes don't have any experience with driving cars. As such, they do not understand what a driver needs to take into account when driving and they don't understand how quickly a driver can manage a dangerous situation. They furthermore have poor understanding of the road rules for any type of vehicle. Obviously, as such drivers need to take this into account, but again, in situations where a bike corner himself in between the pavement and a lorry, drives against red light or break regulation there is always the risk that the driver just cannot react in time to avoid an accident.

Ideally we should all respect each other on the roads and pavements, but again, is it likely that all people will do this? No. What is the solution? I don't know, is there one at all? I doubt it.

Still though, it is of course great fun to debate about it...perhaps something good can come out of it.
Monday 8 June 2009 2.53am
Peter O wrote:
London as a bicycle heaven free of cars, will most likely never happen. Any person using a bicycle can forget this. The city is just to vast and "old" in the sense infrastructure space is difficult to accommodate for, that it is not very feasible. Cars, bicycles and pedestrian need to get along, it is as simple as that.
I don't follow this argument except the idea that London is too vast to abandon motor vehicles. As a practical matter that's not so for Central London and environs. Urban cycling is remarkably speedy compared to driving and would be quicker still without mv's. It's the car which is impractical in a city with old infrastructure. I also like the idea of bike powered buses, rickshaws and deliveries. A lot of this happens already all over the world. Transport would be quicker, safer, healthier, more efficient, happier, child-friendlier and more fun. A lot of the problem is just lack of bold imagination.
Monday 8 June 2009 2.55pm
Tooley Street this lunchtime... I watched 2 girls on bicycles approach the pedestrian crossing just by the Unicorn Theatre.. the front one stops at the red light (this caught my intention as I was certain she would run the light). She stops so abruptly that the dippy girl following her nearly rear ends her (they were together).

The pedestrian is now half-way across the road... fair enough given that he has a green man. They didn't even seem to see him. The second female then cycles thru the crossing (followed by her friend) and the pedestrian had to wait in the road in order to give way to them!

I was left wondering if they shouldn't give the police the power to seize bikes used in contravention of the Road Traffic Act. The rider can retrieve it when they've paid the fine.... maybe people would take more care then.

Where were they off to in such a hurry? City Hall... the irony...
Monday 8 June 2009 3.15pm
Beware, cyclists are in league with evil. They also cause pollution, traffic jams, waste and kill thousands every year including babies and dogs. They should be banned from all roads.

Monday 8 June 2009 3.57pm
My 2p's worth. What we have here via the medium of car and bicycle interacting on our commutes/daily goings on is the playing out of our societies degradation with respect to common courtesy and respect for each other. Whether this is peculiar to the UK I do not know, although suspect some of it is.

I will generalise as I believe it is possible to do so in this instance, and presume that peoples behaviour given a large enough sample will fall in to the classic bell cure or gaussian curve , what ever you want to call it.

So, a car driver overtakes a cyclist then cuts in to turn left.... ar5ehole.

A cyclist runs through a red, or undertakes.... ar5ehole.

What I think we have is every day exhibitions of the public's general lack of ability to see past their nose and comprehend spatial awareness all falling under the banner of total ignorance (ad infinitum). Then having the ability to look totally shocked when an interaction occurs. Common sense could fix this in minutes, but it won't prevail.

All of this , of course is compounded by the ideas of genius social/ traffic engineering guru's employed by local stalinst organisations... sorry councils.

Ideas such as painting a great big green box at traffic lights so bikes can file in front of cars and clog the road in front is going to just re-enforce the 'race' mentality. Last time I checked in evan's they weren't selling Rayleigh Choppers that could do 0-30 in 2.5 secs with 2 tons of metal behind, so why engineer the agro.

Anyway, I think I digressed.
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