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Monday 21 August 2006 12.46am
I've just been mugged at 9pm on Sunday evening in the new park on Spa Road (which doesn't have any lighting for all it's year long refurb) by a 15 year old well spoken black kid on a good mountain bike with a meat cleaver.

A f*****g meat cleaver.

I'm a five foot, 40 something female who has lived here for some years.

Excatly which south London pubs does one have to frequent to obtain a secondhand sawnoff?
Monday 21 August 2006 6.54am
bleeding ' poor kid...sawn off shot gun nah thats no good , he probably had a AK47 hid mongst his school need a deep heat spray in your a pepper spray any day..have they no cct cameras in the park or nearby?
Monday 21 August 2006 10.02am
Streuth! Poor you. What did he take? Were you hurt? Have you been to the Fuzz? Would you recognise him if you saw him again. Sorry I dont have a Uzi handy but you can borrow my largest kitchen knife any time.
Monday 21 August 2006 10.06am
I am not comfortable with jokes about firearms or knives on the forum, thank you.

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Monday 21 August 2006 10.15am
I know your right James...but I cant help it when I hear about mugging, especially when the offender had a meat cutter upper! :-)
Monday 21 August 2006 1.15pm
Thats horrible news- the park has been hugely successful since opening, attracting a good mix of young and old, locals and newcomers. Lets all keep going, but be careful after dusk.
Tuesday 22 August 2006 11.45am
Really sorry to hear that Davies.

The worst effect of something like this is that it might stop you going out and about. I sincerely hope not. The way to win against nasty little s**ts like him is to keep on with your life (oh, and give a really good description to the police). All Best. :o)

Would you like to go with me?
Wherever I'm going
Are you *really* asking?
Is that your *real* answer?
Sunday 27 August 2006 8.15pm
Thanks chaps.
Yes I gave a description to the police, eyeballed 200 very poor mugshots at Peckham Police Station and got my mobile phone blocked.

The thing is I think I've seen him on my street a couple of times this week - the last time he took one look at me and ran like hell which is cheering, but he's out there on my street with his machete but I know there is no point calling the police unless A I'm totally sure it's the right kid, and B there is some chance of them getting here before he scarpers.
Have noted down sightings and times and so on and am sending letter to DI who's dealing with it but it's stressing me out.

And James Hatts - please explain what is funny about being threatened with a meat cleaver?
Sunday 27 August 2006 10.33pm
I think James was referring Jackie's joke (which I have to say was in dubious taste) rather than your awful anecdote.

Hope you are ok.
Sunday 27 August 2006 10.51pm
Sorry to hear that Davies sounds like you've handled it all exceptionally well and i hope you recover from this!
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