Nov.2002 --Sep.2003 Potters Fields

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Tuesday 9 September 2003 6.29pm
I only created the site for the photos and will abandon it in a couple of days.

Deleted. Needed the space on another site.

Post edited (11 Sep 03 20:09)
Tuesday 9 September 2003 6.53pm
It really shows how neglected the grass has become over the last year - it looks really great in November, but by August it's not much more than scorched earth. Admittedly the Summer was really hot, but you'd have thought that they could have done something to keep it looking good - many of the other parks were in great condition throughout the Summer, but I suppose that's the difference between the Royal Parks and Southwark parks....
Wednesday 10 September 2003 9.22am
I think we should start to lobby the Parks and Rangers department of Southwark Council to completely reseed or returf the park after the Blaine stunt has finished.

I spoke to the parks events department yesterday; they tried to wriggle out of their responsibility by claiming that the unusually dry weather has contributed to the erosion of the grass.

However, I've noticed that very few of London's other green spaces is suffering this problem to this extent. The Royal Parks such as Green Park, Saint James Park, etc, all have been properly watered and maintained throughout the summer.

I urge everyone who feels strongly about the state of the only area of open space around Tower Bridge to contact Southwark Council Parks department (7525 1050) or their 'mobile team' (7252 1458).
Wednesday 10 September 2003 12.12pm
There is a green space nearby on fair street behind the city mission west of tower bridge road, I noticed that the grass there has also nearly given up the ghost. Not as bare as Potters fields but it doesn't have that many people going through it.
Wednesday 10 September 2003 12.44pm
The grass is dead everywhere - well, everywhere apart from the Queen's garden. I'm not a huge fan of Southwark Council, but I really don't think they can be blamed for our freaky summer....
Wednesday 10 September 2003 12.59pm
I suspect that most of Potters Fields, with the exception of the entrance on Tooley Street, is built on rubble from the former warehouses, and therefore very free draining.

There's a real question about how you do a sustainable redesign of the green space which is now much more heavily used by tourists, and I suspect will also become the favoured sunbathing spot for occupants of More London who I suspect will be discourage from stripping off in their architect designed hard landscaped spaces.

Is there any money coming from More London, or did that all get wasted on posh pavements for Tooley Street? I have a suspicion that Southwark were banking on getting some cash from the Coach Park/Lambeth College site redevelopment, but that is now postponed given the reaction to Berkeley Homes "cooling towers" proposals (and subsequent refusal of planning permission?).
Thursday 11 September 2003 6.47pm
I think David Blaine should donate some of his earnings to SE1 for some nice turf when he's gone, as his fans have been the last straw for the grass.

Would Astroturf work?

Monday 22 September 2003 11.39am
I attended one of the meetings held by More London Bridge developers and it was raised that grass is much preferred by pedestrians and sandwich eaters etc. and that the absence of any green spaces on their site would cause over-use of the Council managed area of turf. They shrugged, mumbled something about 'tough bananas' and walked out to start counting the money they have made on the site, I imagine they are still busy counting.

Mr Blaine will come and go but the principle cause of the problem is too many people and not enough grass (man!). High brow but ill-thought design work being badly managed by the council who were willing to ignore the concerns of local residents.

Monday 22 September 2003 3.16pm
Oh no it's raining.........
Anyone fancy a mud bath in Potters field this evening?

Monday 22 September 2003 3.31pm
...never thought that I'd say it, but given the wind and the rain that is going on outside my office window I actually feel a little sorry for David Blaine.....

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