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Saturday 16 May 2009 2.10pm
Program on Kings Kross

It was very interesting,.
However the whole tonality of it was, what a pain in the neck EH are,
when they are actually right as you would expect with a listed building ,

the architects could have come up with a design that displayed the brackets in the first instance , the only reason they didn't was there own architectural ego
Which they were putting before the heritage of the site ,

The comment about no one wanting then bridge , was just an unhelpful comment by the narrator of the program,

As the saving of the bridge was the first priority, you wouldn't expect a list of interested parties in something that had never been up for sale.

The replacement bridge was ugly and needed amending.

The other points the program showed was how New Labour are trying to turn English Heritage in to a organisation that clears a passage for developments on the basis of short term economics Rother than saving heritage for the future.

And how the architects wereclearly holding all heritage issues in contempt,

Which raises the question why was an architectural practice that cares nothing for railway heritage doing the job in the first place.

The program was interesting as Kings cross is an interesting place , put made very uncomfortable viewing for anyone with a genuine concern for such sites
Monday 18 May 2009 10.43am
From what short bits of the current series on English Heritage that I've seen, they don't appear to come across well.

However they do do a great job with the funds that they have available to them, and if it weren't for them, lots of our historic buildings and cultural heritage would have been lost for ever, or degraded, damaged, or defaced to such an extent as to be completely meaningless in a historical context.
Monday 18 May 2009 11.06am
JonR wrote:
However they do do a great job with the funds that they have available to them

You mean like spending 10m of tax payer's money on a public inquiry, every time a new building taller than 30 storeys is proposed in London? None of those dozen or so PI's have ever ruled in favour of EH, by the way - and yet they continue to call for them, and continue to make the same baseless arguments over and over.

I do actually support EH, but they need to get their priorities straight. They could have used that money to restore churches and historic buildings up and down the country.

http://www.futuretimeline.net - a timeline of future history
Monday 18 May 2009 3.55pm
They could take all the historic churches, stack them one on top of another, and make the mother of all towers.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 18 May 2009 4.45pm
... might spoil the view of the Shard.
Monday 18 May 2009 5.57pm
...only for a short while. The world's due to end soon, after all.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 18 May 2009 6.19pm
Piss off.

http://www.futuretimeline.net - a timeline of future history
Tuesday 19 May 2009 7.01am
wjfox, you are Plato and I claim my 5.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 19 May 2009 12.49pm
2012 according to the Mayans.

I know you like skyscrapers, and I admit that some of them are actually quite nice, but you can't just let any old tall building get planning permission.
Just think of some of the dross that might have been built if EH (and CABE) weren't there keeping an eye on things, threatening to have Public Enquiries.
Tuesday 19 May 2009 1.01pm
Piss off

...if you press it, they will come.
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