mini roundabouts.

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Wednesday 19 May 2010 8.36am
I hope I will be corrected if I'm wrong, but as far as I know the rule of the road regarding roundabouts hasn't changed since I passed my driving test in nineteenhundredandfrozentodeath. Incidentally, I nearly did fail, because the bloke in front of me with the red flag stopped quickly and I very nearly hit him up the a***! I digress. That rule being: 'Give way to traffic coming from your right.' Observance of this rule can be seen on a regular basis. When aproaching a nice, big roundabout with flowers, shrubs and trees on it, motorist will stop, look to their right and, if there are vehicles aproaching, will wait until their path is clear and then proceed. (Apart from the odd idiot, that is.)
What is it then about mini roundabouts that throw some motorists, (many with deacades of driving behind them,) into a state of flux? There is a mini roundabout on the way to my local station and every morning I see the same scenario. Drivers sitting there, looking at each other as much as to say, "Who's turn is it?" On many occasions I've seen them, wait and then both proceed at the same time, almost causing a collision. The inevitable verbal warfare then follows.
Beats me.
Wednesday 19 May 2010 1.01pm
There isn't that problem in SE1, Chalkey. It's always everyone's turn at roundabouts, red lights, zebra crossings.....
Only half an hour ago I saw 7, yes 7 cars run the red light at the junction by Borough Tube. An eighth one tried to go but a motorcyclist with the right of way squeezed between him and car 7. Car 8 stopped but looked very put out. Still if we had police making the city safe who would arrest those evil people taking photographs of landmarks?
Wednesday 19 May 2010 5.54pm
I know what you mean, Beetroot. We have that kind here in Essex as well. Years ago there was a term, 'amber gambler,' for drivers who went through the lights on the aforementioned colour, even when they had ample time to stop. That's so outdated now. Perhaps, 'red runners,' would be more apt. Have some people given up? Lost the will to live? Driving standards seem to be deteriorating by the day and risk of serious injury or even death seems to matter not a jot to some road users, whether it be to themselves or others. I was driving my daughter to her boyfriend's house earlier this evening and as I stopped at the 'T' junction, a white transit came around the corner towards me. It did a little wiggle and almost hit me before straightening up and carrying on. The reason for the driver's temorary loss of control was that he had come around the corner with only his left hand on the steering wheel and his mobile phone stuck to his right ear. I could honestly post an article every day on the things I see happening on the roads around here. Given the number of vehicles on the road, it must be so much worse in London.

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