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Wednesday 12 May 2004 8.45am - these look so fun! I really want one

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Wednesday 12 May 2004 9.21am
325 for a hen house! Outrageous.

Bit of chicken wire, some bits of wood and a hammer & nails, and then you will have a chicken run suitable for any London garden. Beware the foxes, though - the Bermondsey foxhounds aren't meeting yet, and I'm not sure they do call outs.
Wednesday 12 May 2004 9.36am
Rip-off indeed; and i don't know what idiots pay that price but some obviously do. But look at it! It's like an iMac for chickens *grin*
Wednesday 12 May 2004 9.44am
"It is fitted throughout with wooden roosting bars and an integrated nesting box with privacy screen to preserve your chickens modesty when laying an egg."

It sounds eggs-cellent.
Wednesday 12 May 2004 9.51am
Wednesday 12 May 2004 10.01am
Mapmaker, if you were to keep chickens, you'd be able to run that car of yours thus:
Wednesday 12 May 2004 10.09am
Saw these in the paper a couple of weeks ago. Agree with rip-off prices, but (if I had a garden to fit the little darlings) I've got to admit I'd love to have some chickens.

[ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Felicity Kendal]

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Wednesday 12 May 2004 10.09am
At least you'll be up alot earlier [as will your neighbours] !

Till Rooster Cogburn is shot !!
Wednesday 12 May 2004 10.14am
My grandmother used to have three chickens. They roosted in her outside loo or the coal bunker, depending on their mood.

One of them was called Frosty because she'd given the broody hen an egg from the fridge, and it hatched.

Sadly, the hen died in a dreadful fall from a first floor windowsill. I think she forgot she couldn't fly very well.
Wednesday 12 May 2004 10.21am
My next door neighbour at Stanley Towers has a rooster, Henry, and eight hens. Foxes are a problem,. but she had to put netting over the top of the run to prevent hawks from trying to help themselves. Henry wakes me up, the run is an eye-sore and it gets a bit whiffy in hot weather. That said, if I were there full time, I'd keep chickens too.
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