Cider equipment orders

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Monday 1 November 2004 5.46pm
Please use this thread only if you want to order things from the shop in Cheam.
See Cider-Making weekend, 13/14 November thread for prices etc.

Deadline for orders is 1pm Friday 5th November.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 9.43am
Mr Blake.

Please could I have (prices according to Jo's notes from Sat):

- five x 5-gallon containers (@ 12.50 each) and one x 2-gallon container (at 7.75), each one with a bung and airlock (@ 1 each)
- 5 metres of syphon tubing (@80p per metre)
- one x 400g packet of sterilising/cleaning chemical (@ 3.50 per 400g)
- five packets of yeast (@ 90p per packet)

Thanks very much.

I make that just shy of 90 that I owe you. I'll drop it off how/when suits you best. If you email me or give me a call then I'll work around whatever suits you.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 9.57am
please feel entirely free to buy as much steriliser and siphon tubing as you like, but...
... the amount we buy communally (Blake I will let you know exact details of what to buy) is intended to be enough to sterilise all our individual brewing containers on pressing day and for everyone to have a little bagfull to take home with them (goodies!) for their subsequent racking. We will also get some siphon tubing communally, and this can be passed around at racking time, with spare containers. This should work fine because we will be racking at different times, according to how fast our individual vessels have fermented. And we are all in touch, so as long as we all know who has the extras and tubing at any time, all should be OK. And anyway, the more communication needs we build into our plans, the more excuses there will be for a 'meeting' in the Royao Oak!

Blake, will you be at the social tomorrow? That could be another opportunity for people to pay you.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 11.08am
Can you put me down for one 5 gallon fermenter, and the necessary airlocks, bungholes, etc.
no tubing, or sterilising (as they will be communal, or we can get them as we need them), and one pack of yeast.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 12.43pm
Thanks for all your hard work Jo - much appreciated.

Please ditto Roadrunners order for me - 5 gallon fermenter, airlock & bored bung, packet of yeast.

If you are going on Weds Blake, can I hand over the dosh then?
Tuesday 2 November 2004 12.58pm
Thanks for the thanks, but..... the great thing is, we're ALL doing the hard work, its just that my bit has been the most visible in recent days.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 2.44pm
I'll not be at the social I'm afraid, though Tharg and I may be able to drop by later on. We're off to a concert but I should imagine we'll be out by 10. I'll make every effort to be there before 11. If it doesn't happen I can arrange to meet you before I go. I intend making the Cheam run on monday or tuesday of next week.
Tuesday 2 November 2004 2.50pm
Blake, have you checked with Richard 020-8644-0934 that that will give him time to get our stock in from his wholesaler?
Wednesday 3 November 2004 10.08am
no, I was going to wait until I knew how much to order (ie. friday) but you're right, I'll give him a call today.
Wednesday 3 November 2004 10.23am
Ordering on the Friday was on the assumption we were going to pick up the stuff with the press, just before pressing. When I spoke to him originally it sounded like he needed that week, and also some suppliers only deliver on certain days which may not even be weekly. Going earlier might be OK if he has the stuff in stock. I guess its the large fermenters that are the main problem. At last count we needed 19 (because I have one already and Plum now wants to do 5 galls) so if you couldn't go later in the week he may be able to 'reserve' his existing stock, or order now on the basis of our current ideas rather than firm orders and if theres too many he may be flexible about keeping any excess as his future stock. (Tharg's right - everythings getting complicated round here! Once everything's bubbling away it'll all be nice and simple again)
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