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Thursday 10 February 2005 3.12pm
Any of the knowledgable forumites have a solution to removing a burn mark from a kitchen work surface? Obviously the effects of the burn will remain, but I'd like to get rid of the orangey-brown circle my other half has inadvertently caused...
Thursday 10 February 2005 3.17pm
Could cut a large tile or stainless steel sheet into work surface.

Father is currently applying this method of disguise to theirs after I did same with very hot pan
Thursday 10 February 2005 4.11pm
Hi James, what is the texture of the worksurface? If it's "formica style" you could try nail varnish remover (try in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't react).
Thursday 10 February 2005 4.25pm
The fantastic "Hints and Things" website doesn't have a solution for your exact problem, but suggests scraping off the damage then using filler, for similar marks on furniture - maybe you could do the same but seal it afterwards ?

Thursday 10 February 2005 5.50pm
Make several more burn marks in an attractive casual design and tell everyone it's Damien Hirst. design.
Thursday 10 February 2005 10.58pm
I had exactly the same problem, caused by a lodger with a hot turkish coffee-style stainless pan. I discovered that if I scraped at it carefully with a knife blade, the burnt bits were much more brittle than the surrounding surface, and also quite shallow, and could be scraped off with a bit of care. The result quite surprised me with its effectiveness: although the matt texture of the damaged area gives away the fact that something is amiss, the colour is the same and there is hardly any dip in the surface, so you really dont notice the mark unless you look carefully.

Good luck!
Friday 11 February 2005 7.55am
I'm presuming it's a laminated worksurface, so had kind of resigned myself to the fact that the laminate is now beyond repair - but anything anyone can suggest to remove/whiten the brown marks is worth a go.

Not sure about the scraping though - the worktop has a marble effect pattern on it, and that will be too obvious I think. Installing a 'butcher's block' cutting board in the surface may be the final resort...
Friday 11 February 2005 9.55am
James, how about scraping it out slightly and pour some self levelling resin like they use in flooring? then be artistic and paint with a feather to imitate marble?
Friday 11 February 2005 2.20pm
Jan - artistic I am, DIY minded I am not. The painting will probably be easy...but even self levelling resin could end up looking like a train set hillside landscape!

I might get the father-in-law over to do it if it comes to that...thank you for the suggestion though...definitely a possibility.
Friday 11 February 2005 3.49pm
My worktop is a formica-type, I'm not sure whether that's the same as your 'laminate'. It has a sort of linen design on it, the mark before was dark brown, and it really hardly shows now - honest! - because once the shallow layer of brown was scraped off, the surface underneath was the same colour as the surrounding undamaged area.

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