A New Scam?

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Wednesday 24 August 2005 4.46pm
We received an email last night confirming an order for 265 worth of CDs. It gave a link and a reference and order number.

First thought is that someone has accessed our email account. And we immediately think of cleaner, builder or au pair or even kids, though ours are a bit young. But second thought is that the only people we allow access to our house are people we trust, and that it is more likely that the whole thing is a scam, and that we are safer not investigating the link. So we are left slightly worried that someone is able to order goods using our name, and guilty that we, if only for a minute, doubted people we trust.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is it a scam?
Wednesday 24 August 2005 5.02pm
It could well be a scam called "phishing". I've had many similar emails and if they're not from a company I trust then I just dump them. (Though the ones from eBay are particularly convincing.)
Wednesday 24 August 2005 7.58pm
Both I and my colleague at work got identical emails within seconds (I got two, one on my work and one on my personal email) - this very same scam. Of course when you go to check your 'order' you then have to give some personal details to login, and there goes your bank contents...

And sometimes just clicking on the link can actually unleash an attempt to download a virus or trojan. Simplest strategy is just not to follow unexpected email links.

Yes it's phishing, and it's getting more and more inventive. One big clue is that if it's really from ebay, Paypal, your bank or whoever, then they are going to address you by name or registered username, not 'dear customer'.

I routinely check for my own amusement by using the username mickey and the password mouse (actually I frequently use bo**ocks and pi**ock), and I get in straight away to the credit card details screen. Surprise suprise.

If it's unexpected, just go to the web site itself (NOT by following a link in the email, the address is invariably disguised to look kosher) and log in to your account as you would normally. And if you wouldn't normally, then just don't.

Presumably enough people fall for it to make it worthwhile, just like the Advance Fee Fraud scam (you know the one, I have a zillion pounds stuck in an African account, you get 20% if I can just use your bank to get it out of the country...). Amazing how people can be fooled, but they are.

Thursday 25 August 2005 7.46am
Thanks. I got the eBay ones before I was registered to eBay. But this one looks good. Suffiently good for my husband to ask me what CDs I had been buying. We almost got caught, and presumably others will. My first instinct was to click the link and check.

Thursday 25 August 2005 7.32pm
Be careful, very careful of these scams.

What they do is send spam emails to every email address they can find. When you click on the link they have a robot that automatically logs to say that your email address is active and also tracks your IP address (your computers ID over the internet). Once they have this info they can do alot more than you can imagine, such as take personal info etc.

Basically if you receive an email from someone you either dont know or have'nt ordered delete it.
Wednesday 31 August 2005 5.34am
And this morning's clever email:

"Dear eBay Community Member,

The bid that has been entered in error for the item ( 8213256979 ) has been cancelled.


The item number was the link, and of course you might click it just to see what it was. As above the rule is simple, dont! if you must, Go to ebay and do a search for that number item, but the salutation gives it away - EBAY (and the others) KNOW YOUR NAME. So they'll write to YOU, not DEAR MEMBER.

Be careful / cautious/ suspicious out there....
Tuesday 27 September 2005 8.37pm
oh my goodness you guys are a wealth of imformation...I will be looking out for these scams.

All of the things I am now finding out makes it seem I grew up in a bubble all these years!!!!!!!

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