What wireless router to buy?

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Monday 3 October 2005 10.03am
Hi everyone!

I recently moved to London and I ordered myself Bulldog Broadband. I know some of you wrote here that it's not so great but I decided to give it a try. (They even give student discount!!!) The connection will be put up in couple weeks time but before that I need to get a wireless router. Anyone have any recommendations? There will be 3 PC's and 1 Mac, all connected without wires. I've been looking at the following:

Netgear DG834G
D-Link DSL-904
Belkin F5D7632

Any comments are more than welcome!

Tuesday 4 October 2005 7.34am
I use the Netgear DG834GT (note different from the Netgear DG834G which you quote) with Bulldog. Picked after looking at various reviews of wireless routers, and must say that I have had no problems with it and it was a doddle to set up. Its also enabled to use the next generation of adsl, ADSL2 and supports wireless speeds up to 108Mbps
Tuesday 4 October 2005 7.45am
Depending on your setup you might also want to think about getting an Apple Airport Express, which would provide wireless networking to a USB connected printer and allow you to play any music you have in iTunes through loudspeakers you have connected to it. It is is not a router, but could be used to extend your network and provide additional functions. Just a thought...

Otherwise the Netgear that Jonathan mentioned is good - I got one for my parents and no problems so far. Given that ADSL2 is already beginning to be rolled out ('Be' is the company's name, I believe), it would make sense not to get something that will be out of date in 18 months time.
Tuesday 4 October 2005 10.19pm
I have the WGT624 myself. I'd say that you probably should avoid Netgear. They look good visually, but reliability is spotty. I had another Netgear model before (DG824M) and I should have learned from that. But I was dumb and got another one.

If I were you I'd do a search here ( http://forum1.netgear.com/support/viewforum.php?f=6 ) for your Netgear model number and see what the known problems are. Some of them are apparently very dodgy, others good. Unfortunately I just found that forum recently.

Also Netgear warranty support is very poor. if you have a problem, you'll literally pull your hair out dealing with them.

If I had to do it again myself, I'd probably go for the DLink.

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Wednesday 5 October 2005 6.19am
We have a Netgear (from this distance cant tell you which number) and a home network (I.e. we are both connected to it, Jerry via his wireless laptop,. me via the desktop). It's...er....a bit patchy and needs to be UNDERSTOOD in a meaningful way. When it plays up we just have to disconnect it and reconnect (via the main socket not via the computers) and that seems to do the trick. Calling the helpline is OK for people like the Professor who has pretty much open ended time...anyone in a hurry will be frantic. It took a bit of tweaking when we first got it - about a year ago, maybe a little more - but now it seems to have settled down.
Wednesday 5 October 2005 10.39pm
I have had a draytek for a few years, they have a good reputation for the more technically inclined who like to tweak. A bit more expensive, but solid and well supported in the UK.

Thursday 6 October 2005 6.44pm
We've used Netgear routers for a few customers

I'd suggest you don't ever buy their newest models I always find with this type of product they are always rushed out as the technology is moving so quickly. I always find that a month or two after release there has been a couple of firmware upgrades that sort out most of the teething problems (jackie you may want to check their website to see if your router is running the latest version)

Personally I've found the Netgear technical support ok, the main benefit being that it's available 24hrs on the phone, you do get put through to a call centre who just run through lists of options which can take time but noine times out of ten it sort the problem.

Have also used Linksys and Buffalo in tha past and they all seem to be as good.

One thing I would warn against is keep your router away from heat, we've noticed that they perform particularly bad if they get too warm.
Friday 7 October 2005 6.27am
Thanks for the tip biscuit boy, I will check when I get back to the UK.
Sunday 9 October 2005 10.39am
Hi there

I myself am a Bulldog user and I've just purchased the Belkin router ADSL2. You can get it from Argos in the Walworth Rd for about 80.00 it also comes with an in-line filter also which saves you 12.00 and Bluetooth USB adaptor.

I think it's brilliant personally.


Monday 28 November 2005 4.17pm
I have a Belkin -- the Sunday Times said it was the best for computer illiterates like me. It looked easy to install, and probably is -- but I still had to get someone in to do it. (And it didn't stop BT charging me an extra 25 for a gadget I didn't need when I switched to Broadband. They said I had to have it, and I didn't.) Anyway, once the Belkin was installed, it works very well, over several floors of our house.
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