Climate Change

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Friday 14 April 2006 2.50pm
So Professor Sir David King has said the climate is going to rise by 3'C. This seems a bit of an ambiguous statement as I have looked and cannot find over what time span he is suggesting. Is it one year, ten years, a hundred million years or what?
Friday 14 April 2006 3.18pm
By the end of the century...
Friday 14 April 2006 3.24pm
The 'permanent' snow cap on the top of Kilimanjaro will be gone withing 10-15 years. We are so stuffed.
Friday 14 April 2006 10.46pm
Well if it is a 3'C change in the climate within the next century then I think we are up the creek without a paddle. It seems we are only postponing the inevitable. May as well enjoy ourselves while we can because whatever happens, it looks like the world is going down the pan.
Saturday 15 April 2006 1.01am
I decided that a while ago when I started a Thread on Recycling - am now partying like I'm on Titanic. I . read part of a talk David King gave in which he said that even if we banned air travel etc etc today, the effects would continue to impact on our ecosystem for the next 40 years and by then we'd be up the proverbial creek anyway. We blew it folks.
Saturday 15 April 2006 6.06am
Sounds like you two are going to carry on blowing it.
Saturday 15 April 2006 10.04am
I used to recycle, and cycle, with the best of them - in the face of the billions who don't and who never will and coupled with the blatantly obvious fact that it's too late ... I became a defeatist/acceptist (if there's such a word) and chose 'if you can't beat them ...' as a viable option. The overwhelming majority of Europeans and North Americans have their Easyjetting and Gas Guzzling, Consumerist Lifestyle - a few individuals 'going green' isn't going to offset the billions who are having a fine old time. A few months ago I would have been horrified by what I'm writing, but the game's up, mankind is on the way out and our children will have to struggle with the consequences of what we, their grandparents and a couple of generations before wrought.

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