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Tuesday 27 March 2012 3.10pm
What happened to the "yoga for gay men" thread?
Tuesday 27 March 2012 3.19pm
As it was advertising an event (albeit a not-for-profit one) it shouldn't have been on the forum in the first place - but I was going to let it go.

The original post was followed by a couple of comments which I didn't personally interpret as homophobic (especially given the identity of one of the commenters...) but which generated a couple of complaints plus use of the 'report to moderator' function.

Not having time to mediate in the unfolding dispute this afternoon (and knowing from experience that the thread was unlikely to go well from that point on) I just decided to hide the whole thing from public view as it didn't seem worth the hassle.

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Tuesday 27 March 2012 4.07pm
OK fair enough James,I can only assume that it was my post that caused the complaints.
My intention was wit,something i'm not renouned for i guess but I was intending to get onto the wider point of ....why gay men only? and that if I were to suggest,say,gay men should have the choice of gay only gyms(I could go further than that),I would have got slaughtered.
It says a lot that they(the complainers) use the "report to a moderator" button rather than put me in my place.

PS:Don't you think snobbery should be up there with (written)homophobia?
Tuesday 27 March 2012 7.16pm
I will briefly respond to you by saying that James was entitled to remove it simply on grounds of relevance if nothing else - it doesn't relate to SE1.

The question of whether to have gay only venues for all manner of things is a massive question and you can read more about it on a recent news item on www.pinknews.co.uk since this issue clearly interests you.

I am pretty sure that the event would not exclude non gay people, if you felt excluded. In London there are gay friendly football, rugby, badminton and all sorts of other teams (entire leagues in fact), and of course bars, clubs etc.

There remains a real demand for gay friendly/majority activities especially those with a social aspect. There is homophobic violence in and near gay-majority venues even nowadays in London; people have been beaten to death in the street in the past few years in central London (Ian Baynham for example). I am not visibly gay and have been verbally abused three times in various areas. Maybe I want to relax somewhere where that is not going to happen? It causes a detriment to anyone else either. London is a diverse city and no one is suggesting making all caffs a standard type instead of greasy spoon/Turkish/Portuguese. They have their theme and they attract people of those backgrounds.

Wading into this issue via the innocent non commercial example of a gay yoga group to me seems disproportionate and is certainly not an SE1 issue - I certainly don't disagree that you're entitled to express your opinion though.
Wednesday 28 March 2012 9.40am
As one of the people who reported your comment to the moderator, Boroughonian, I did actually post a public comment as well, but it was taken down along with the rest of the thread.

To restate it more explicitly, it's a shame that someone can't mention a gay-related fitness event in SE1 without prompting blokeish sniggering. You said, I think, that your mind boggled at the prospect of yoga lessons for gay men. Maybe you'd like to explain why.
Thursday 29 March 2012 8.07am
I was the writer of the other post before the thread was taken down.

I am a confident, openly gay man and I cannot imagine why I would join a gay yoga club. It simply doesn't cross my mind. If I wanted to join a yoga club, I'd look at their schedules, location and costs and I would like to know if the teacher has the right credentials. Moreover, I dare say (without any statistical evidence) that the 'yoga crowd' generally are not homophobic as opposed to, for example, football.

Homophobia is still an issue and I am not, in any way, in denial of that but I do not believe that segregation is the answer. Having said that, if anyone decides otherwise and expresses a need for gay mens's yoga, gay supermarkets or a gay airline- do go ahead, I just don't think it adds anything to emancipation.
Thursday 29 March 2012 3.44pm
But why did your mind boggle? (I think you said something like "mine too".) To me, the expression clearly gives an impression of reeling from some lurid mental image.
Thursday 29 March 2012 4.10pm
Simply because I am unable to relate to the concept in any way. I don't think it is very productive to have a debate on whether the term 'mind boggling' is relevant or not. And, should my support of Boroughonian's remark have offended you, then do accept my apologies.
Monday 23 April 2012 7.23am
I do SO agree with Maurits. It's simply too tedious trying to have exclusivity according to sexual orientation. Any minute now there will be gay-only movies and gay-only betting shops...UGH. Gay people (and many of my dearest friends including Maurits himself are gay) are just like other people and I feel sure that no one I know wants to be in a "gay" yoga class or any other group which excludes anyone else of whatever persuasion. It's ridiculous, cramping, and these people with tunnel vision need to get over themselves. As Maurits points out, we've arrived finally at a point where it simply DOESNT MATTER who you love and how. Let's not pedal backwards!

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