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***very long unhappy review***

As it is our last night in London we headed back to the hotel early as we are traveling home in the morning and decided to go to this restaurant as it was connected to the lounge of our hotel and advertised a 10% discount as we were staying there.

We walked in to the place and it was completely empty had to walk round to the bar to even find a member of staff (should have took this as the first hint to leave!) . Waitress told is to sit wherever and brought us menus over. We asked what beer they had, she didn’t understand the query, even after repeating multiple times “what kind of beer or lager do you have” and even “do you sell bottles of peroni” to simplify things. Waitress (still unsure what we were asking her) then went back to bar and brought out 1 bottle of Budweiser, to make things easier we just agreed to taking it, and she went and got us another.

Whilst we were reading the menus the woman was hovering and staring at us as if to rush us into deciding (baring in mind restaurant was empty, and was a good few hours before shutting time so unsure as to what the rush was). We began to tell her our order, she started scribbling things on her pad however it seemed she either wasn’t listening or again did not understand what we were saying as she was not writing anything we would say, even though we were pointing at our chosen food on the menu itself, she kept trying to ask and re ask things that we had already told her, then began asking the numbers beside the food we had ordered also.

We ordered; s&p chips, bowl of curry sauce, egg fried rice. Chicken curry NO ONIONS. Chips and Sizzling beef. (Sorry but absolutely nothing hard about this order at all). Waitress left and went to kitchen then came back 5 minutes later re asking us what we wanted again as numbers she had wrote down did not match up with what she had wrote? (Well that’s what we think she meant). So again we explained our order to her, looking confused she returned to the kitchen.

About 20-30 minutes later she began bringing out our food. Beef first, then a bowl of curry sauce, then a mountain of what looked like boiled rice (We asked for egg fried rice), then the s&p chips (which looked like burnt McDonald’s chips with very limited tiny squares of onion on it), along with the plain chips we ordered also. She then didn’t come back near the table for about 20-25 minutes. By this point 2 other parties had been in and left due to the lack of service/understanding. Another party arrived and she began talking to them.

Eventually after a while of us staring at her she came back over asking how the food was. 2 of us had already finished ours. We alerted her than we still had not received the chicken curry and she ran back to the kitchen (after a few times repeating herself saying “curry? Chicken curry? Sorry” and looking very very confused) she then chapped a door next to the bar and told the older woman “curry!” Pointing back to the kitchen. They both stood talking pointing at the menu for yet another 10 minutes before the older woman disappeared, the waitress returned to the table asking “what curry” we again repeated ourself for a good 4th or 5th time and reiterated NO ONIONS.

Another 10 minutes passed and she returned with a big massive plate of curry overflowing with ..... ONIONS!!! We refused the plate and again she looked very confused, we told her to cancel the order and give us the bill and eventually she took it away (after standing at our table for 10 minutes, we assume trying to ask us why, and ask us if we just want the chef to make another bowl?!).

20 minutes passed and we still hadn’t received the bill. (We had even worked out how much we owe by this point) The waitress had again got an older lady to deal with it with her behind the bar. We could see them fussing over the till and grabbing the menu pointing at things from it. 25 minutes and we walked up to the bar and asked if there was a problem? We were then told that the older woman does not speak English and the waitress had very very very limited English herself therefore this apparently made it very difficult for them to get us the bill!?! (Confusing!!!) also made sense now as to why it on so long to order the meals in the first place.

Bill came to £36 and we did NOT receive the 10% discount as advertised.

Overall, I’d rate the service as very low. Food was completely below average and unappealing. Menus were confusing as they related to numbers.. but there were some items with the same numbers? (what!?!)

Shame as restaurant as a whole looks very nice and clean.

Would not recommend and will not be back.

Scores on the doors
from a February 2013 rating: 2
Extremely rude and offensive staff. Don't go there.
I had been in the past to this restaurant but because of the rudness of the staff on a couple of occasions, for a few years I did not visit the place.

Last Sunday (7th April) I decided to go back for a lunch with my wife and my 2 years old daughter, hoping for a better experience.

It was noon and the place was empty. We sat down and I asked for a high chair for my daughter. The table of the highchair was filthy and sticky with a few human hair clearly visible.

I asked the waitress to clean it for me but she refused! I couldn't believe it and asked her again if she was for real but she looked at me as if it was an impossible task to do.

I told her, almost as a joke, that I was doing it myself and she had the audacity to give me a sponge so I could clean it!

I left the place immediately and I will never be back. How can they give a child a filthy seat and do not care? They have no manners, no common sense and no decency.

the other restaurant: Dragon Castle
I know it's just outside SE1 but is apparently related to the Dragon Inn... Was surprised therefore to see such mixed reviews for this as Dragon Castle is consistently fantastic in my experience and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it. Had yet another delicious meal at Dragon Castle last night.
I'm not sure if this review will be posted cos it's cheekily not really about the Dragon Inn... OOps ;-)
waste of space
Okay the interior and exterior are great but the food is crap. And unless your making good food then this place will remain as empty as it is at the moment, the food i ordered was special fried rice (dry very) and honey & garlic sauce ribs (also very very dry and no sauce) just these dishes showcased the incompetent chef. What a waste of a building.
Love it
One of the best Chinese's I've had outside China (and certainly a lot better than a lot in China)

The lunch menu is unbelievably good value (max 6.50 for meal-deal) and the food is very good indeed.

I have been for lunch 3 times in the last week.

The wifi connection advertised does not work yet - apparently it will be fixed next week.

I dont understand why its so empty some lunch times - they cant be making much money. Perhaps the location isn't great.

All in all - a great addition

My experience
Today, me and my partner has gone to the dragon inn, as we have been there once before on valentine day for the first time, and had a good experience with the food and service. It has a good atmosphere and busy.

However today we decide to go again. It was quiet for a friday night. And we were the only two in the restaurant. Had the crab meat and sweet corn soup ( (average)and quarter duck (good) for starter however the pancake was a bit cold.
The main course however was a massive disappointment - we had the sizzling fillet steak with schezuan sauce. We order this as we had it on valentine night and it was to die for.
But tonight the taste was odd had a weird after taste and the meat smell a bit. We complain about this, and the waiter who serve us was unhelpful and rude. Told us that the meat is fine and he spoke to the chef. My partner said that he wants to meet the chef and for him to come in front of us to say that it was fresh. However this did not happen, which to me was not a good sign, my other half felt sick and went to the bathroom and after coming back, the waiter rudely imply that he was faking, and saying that the chef said it was fresh. The waiter then remove the table cloth which my partner ask why, he said he had to remove it. My partner ask for the table cloth back for evidence he refused and said that it is in the laundry now. Which confirm that they wanted to remove all evdience of the unfresh food that they serve.

FYI be careful when you go there. YOu do not know what you will get. I think some nights it is fresh, some nights they might cover up the meat with vineger to cover up the smell which is off. It is all on the taste and smell. You never know.

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