Farouk Campbell

Space Station 3D at the IMAX

The plot of Space Station 3D pitched to a movie exec would go something like this: "Hey, let's film some guys building a laboratory in outer space, and in 3D."

NASA and IMAX agreed, trained astronauts and cosmonauts to use specialised cameras and taught them to film themselves and their mission in this surprisingly well crafted, visually resplendent, educationally mesmerizing, technically ground breaking film.

The roar of rockets and unorthodox living conditions, the vast majestic vistas of a borderless earth revealed in a new light as seen by humans as they glide through the vacuum of space in a compact metal station is a window onto another world that would captivate young minds and science boffins alike.

Slipping the surly bounds of earth, Space Station 3D places you in the foot steps of these remarkable people as they work, train and live on the International Space Station (ISS) and reveals that space is romantic and inspires dreams (not only in the actuality of having 16 nations work together creating the ISS) but by the fact that it makes you want to
experience this frontier that few will ever grace. It makes you wonder if you are the "right stuff".

BFI London IMAX Cinema website

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