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V for Vendetta at the BFI London IMAX Cinema

The explosive and entertaining V for Vendetta can be seen at the IMAX cinema in Waterloo.

V for Vendetta
NATALIE PORTMAN as Evey and HUGO WEAVING as V star in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Virtual Studios' action thriller "V for Vendetta."

Futuristic Britain has found a new hero to free it from the stranglehold of its totalitarian government, and his name is V. Following the steps of a mild-mannered girl named Evey, who is saved from a terrifying situation in the streets of London by the masked vigilante, the state of the future is slowly revealed to be one of fear and hate.

Britain has been ransacked by a plague and chaos, and now, every citizen fears the government which has brought order and complete control over their lives. It is V, exceptionally charismatic and amazingly skilled in combat and camouflage, who has made it his mission to free the people of Britain from tyranny. Slowly Evey discovers the truth behind V's mask and his background, which causes her to discover the truth about herself. Thus, allies are born in the effort to bring justice to the tyrants and freedom to the people.

On the giant IMAX screen the story of V and his amazing talents are even more impressive. Based on the graphic novel, the creators of V for Vendetta have made a character with both personality and impressive skill. His unusual talents allow him to entertain and amuse the audience. The music within the movie is also very inspiring, and with explosions often going off at it pinnacle, the audience has to smile at V's efforts. Being a story with a serious undertone, the creators have effectively told it while interweaving humour and horror that emphasize the necessity of freedom for the people of Britain.

The two main characters, Evey and V, are played by Natalie Portman and Hugh Weaving. Weaving has put himself fully into the role of V. While wearing his mask, Weaving is able to create a character with life and zeal. Portman, on the other hand, struggles to find the voice of a native-Briton as well as the character herself. While at all times beautiful, her looks are not always enough to create an importance presence.

V for Vendetta is an entertaining if not overly stunning film that is helped greatly by the enormous screens of Waterloo's IMAX cinema. With an interesting plot and an engaging leading man, this movie will bring the viewer 2 and a half hours of entertainment and a smile.

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