Sarah O'Connell, Orla Hanks and Dahlia Penna

A Sonatina at the Unicorn Theatre

Hurry and catch the Danish Gruppe 38's production of A Sonatina at the Unicorn before it ends on Friday . It is meant to be for children, but don't let that bother you.

A Sonatina at the Unicorn Theatre

This is fun. Three actors, and a chicken with other unlikely props including some very strange hats, a potato masher and a double bass.

The chicken, of course is the star. But with strong support from Bodil Alling, Soren Sondberg and Christian Glahn. The plot, if it can be described as such, is of a travelling theatre, putting on a performance of Little Red Riding Hood.

The characters are a bossy mother, a subservient son and a double bass player with a Dali moustache. Plus of course Little Red Riding Hood, a very scary wolf , and Grandma. It is worth going, simply to witness Grandma's fate.

Children's theatre can be lame, with too many concessions made for the audience's age. This is very different. A sophisticated children's play cracking with zany humour, raffection and plenty that is unexpected, which at times exploited silence and tension in real contrast to children's TV.

The two junior reviewers were entranced, astonished and deeply amused. I hope the group return so that we get a chance to see Little Match Girl and Run Chicken Run. I cannot see a better way of introducing children to the theatre.

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