Crystal Lindsay

The Matrix Revolutions at the IMAX

Dorothy goes in search of Oz: thus the final part of the Matrix trilogy seems to find Keanu Reeves on a journey into Machine World with the redoubtable Trinity at his side. But who or what is the Wizard?

This episode is a playground of ideologies: computer world of games meets every mystic journey the human race holds dear – Kung Fu, Karma and reincarnation itself.

Those hoary old adversaries, Good and Evil, are embodied in the form of Neo versus Agent Smith in a superhuman struggle for freedom. All Depending on your nation of freedom, that is.

Matrix Revolutions has lost the vision of the first film but it's a visually stunning ride and the IMAX is the only place top see it.

• The Matrix Revolutions is showing the BFI London IMAX Cinema back to back on Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm with special midnight shows on Fridays & Saturdays.
• 12.50, (conc 11.50)

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