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Some reviews on this page may refer to a previous operator of the same premises.
Requested Vegan Biryani = they gave Me Lamb! they replaced i
If You decide to try anything Vegan (I don't trust the manager at all). take a torch with You so You can analyze exactly what is on Your plate before trying it (no guarantee that in the kitchen what is cooked & dished up as Vegan, really is Vegan).
I was taken there as a Birthday Treat = NOT!
They replaced the first error, with a second error - chicken biryani !
How appalling. The manager tried to blame it on the waiter!
Could be much better
Notwithstanding the mixed reviews on the SE1 site, my wife and I decided to give Simply Indian a go on Monday night for takeaway.

First impressions were good. The man who took our order was polite and helpful, suggesting the lamb passanda instead of a korma. The price charged accorded exactly with the prices on their menu.

I went and collected and the place was packed. I thought this was a good indication, but we were to be disappointed.

My lamb biryani was best described as poor. The "lamb" was tough and rice had a funny taste. It's the first time I've had a biryani with sauce and will be the last! My wife left her passanda almost in its entirety, saying that it tasted of Fish! Her pilao rice was very nice though. Papadoms and chutneys were very tasty.

Good points:

• Polite and efficient service
• Ready for collection within 15 minutes
• Papadoms and chutney very tasty
• Pilao rice nice

Bad points:

• Passanda inedible with psychedelic food colouring!
• Lamb in biryani very, very tough and sauce very unpleasant tasting
• Quality not commensurate with price charged.

So all in all, we won't be going back. The main courses weren't anywhere close to the standard you'd expect - certainly at the prices charged - and it was so horrible that I feel compelled to write this review.

Awful Customer service-AVOID at all costs
Have been a loyal customer of this place for many years!
Last time we ordered take away we have received most aggressive, UNPLEASANT customer service over the phone. Although the food is great (thanks to people who work in the kitchen), the front of the house falls into the stereotypical "Asian" categoragy with "Do you understand me" and shouting over the phone habits. Really?
The place is not willing to value any customers and see their clientele as a quick way of making their money, showing as much disrespect as they are capable of. A bit of a shame.
my favourite indian restaurant
I am prepared to walk past several other indian restaurants to visit this one. The staff do seem a bit over worked but I personally found the service good. I have not ordered take away. However the food is superior to anything else in the area - and friends always ask to be taken back to Simply Indian. Prices are great and it is byo. I am suspicious of some of the negative reviews and it is a splendid place and the hard working staff deserve some credit.
Rudest take away ever!!
I called this restaurant to make an order. Having given the full details I was told to "hang on". I hung on for five minutes while the strange guy taking my order took another call and started swearing down the other line. Eventually I hung up and called back, saying I wasn't happy to have been left waiting so long, to which I was asked whether I thought the gentleman in question was "my slave". Interesting customer service. I cancelled the order and would advise anyone looking for professional service at the end of a ling day to swerve Simply Indian in SE1.
Hit the spot
after a few weeks away from home, fancied a curry but wanted a change from cafe nawaz. we decided to give simply Indian another go after having a below par experience last year.
it was bank hol mon evening and pretty quiet. we felt very welcome and were given lots of time to choose.
lots of people were popping in to order takeaways and they seemed pretty busy. our food was really tasty, fresh ingredients and just what we went in hoping for.
as it's byo it works out pretty reasonable. I think we'll start going more regularly.
Forget take aways, it's abysmal
Food is good if you go in , but forget the take aways. There have no manners and takes far too long to deliver, even if you call them to remind them! shame really
I've lived in London for 8 years and have to say that so far this is the best curry I've found. Living locally I go roughly once every couple of weeks and haven't had a bad experience yet. The food and menu are quite modern but with plenty of classic dishes. It's cheap too. Remember to take your own alcohol though - it's bring-your-own as they don't have a license.
Well below average
I first started ordering from Simply Indian 2 years ago. At the time the only problem I really encountered with them was that there was a significant difference between the prices on their website and what they were actually charging. Then if you dared to question them about it they were unbelievably rude, argumentative and agressive, even once hanging up on me!! Once you actually got the food it was excellent, but we were often waiting over an hour even though we live such a short distance away. On the couple of occasions that I ate there with friends there were no complaints at all, in face I would have recommended the place until about 6 months ago!

On Sunday, after not having ordered from SI for a couple of months (because I thought their standards had started dropping towards the end of last year) we phoned up, waited over an hour again, and proceded to be horrified by what we had been delivered: the food was tasteless, slimy/off, of poor standard and quality, far too hot and the portions were tiny. I don't know if this was another case of inconsistency, and I don't plan to ever find out by ordering from there again, but if you can't get consistent standards within your business you may as well just consistently serve s**t.

Mango Tree was far better than this!

Wow, my experiences have been nothing like this. I guess it's a pretty inconsistent place.
Slow and not worth the wait!
Waiter was rude on the phone. I was told 45 mins for delivery of our dinner but we waited over an hour! When I called the restaurant, the waiter was very rude, dismissive and arrogant. Food finally arrived and was very dissapointing. Onion bajis were burnt and hard like rocks and portions were small, not good value at all. There are much better Indian take outs than this!
Simply Stupid
I couldn't agree more with Tomfox.

My girlfriend and I were regular takeaway customers of Simply Indian until one time when my girlfriend innocently queried something on the menu. The person on the other end of the phone identified himself as the owner and started to tear into my girlfriend, accusing her of being a troublesome customer who repeatedly gave them hassle and problems. She tried to explain that we were regular, happy customers who enjoyed the food and had never complained but he was so vile, rude and shouting so much she was in tears at the strength of his unfounded tirade against her.

What sort of business owner reduces a regular, happy customer to tears? Where is the logic in insulting and abusing someone who wanted to buy from him? If this is how they treat happy customers, I dread to think about how they treat people who do complain.

We've never used Simply Indian again and recommend that you don't either. They should be avoided at all costs.

We've since tried Tower Tandoori on Tower Bridge Road and found it to be much better, with good food, prompt delivery and friendly staff.

Looking for a lecture on being an incompetent customer by a
Have just ordered take-away from Simply Indian for pick-up. After a difficult time confirming the order by phone through repeated misunderstandings, after arrival home we discovered we were missing a few parts of our order. I phoned the restaurant back, as we hadn't received a receipt and didn't know if we had paid for the entire order. After trying to explain, eventually a man who identified himself as the Owner ("you don't need to know my name, I own this restaurant" he courteously explained) came on the line. He was from the start rude and abrupt. While I had not intended for them to redeliver, I was so offended by his blaming me for the missing order (insisting they had a computer screen listing order as taken and that I had a problem understanding, that they were busy and now had to pay for my inadequate ordering skills, etc.) I decided to allow them to deliver the missing bits. Perfect example of delivering the right customer service response and getting zero credit for it by being so offensive through the offer.

Not one to post or complain, but I have never been so insulted or condescended to by a restaurant or its owner in London. Never. And from a local establishment I meant to make a regular stop. Ruined the meal, which was a shame because the food was very good. Will try the other local Indian restaurant (Cafe Nawaz near Guy's Hospital) for our next time as it has been also recommended by friends with food comparable or slightly better than Simply Indian.

Simply Delicious
A friend and I have just returned from this restaurant having enjoyed a delicious meal. The service is friendly and attentive, and the menu offers plenty of vegetarian and fish dishes. Our food tasted so fresh and much less oily than many Indian meals we've tasted.

One thing to note: the restaurant is unlicensed, which means that if you want to have alcohol, you'll have to bring your own. This keeps the price down - and it's already very decently priced - expect to pay around £20 ahead - very reasonable for Borough and there's a Tesco round the corner - or even Waterloo Wines: they don't even charge you for 'corkage'.

We will definitely be returning. A wonderful, quiet and rewarding find - and on a Sunday evening to boot! What more could one ask.

Delicious and delivered on time
I ordered from Simply Indian in mid-June and was very impressed. I'm not an expert in Indian food, but everything tasted very fresh and flavorful and high quality. The order arrived very quickly--in fact, I had popped out to get something after ordering and came back in about 15 minutes and ran into the delivery person. I ordered again in early July; the food was still good but not quite as impressive as the first time (different cook, perhaps?) and the order arrived when promised. Both times everything was very hot. They package the order in nice plastic containers than can be washed and reused--in fact I was just about to buy some before I got the first order! I will definitely order from them again.

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